My cancer person , what's he doing?

  • I'm in love with a cancer male who is one of my good friends, we live in different countries, but we manage to meet every now and then! we started something together but we never commit to each other! for some problems in my life i choose to stop being anything else but friends. Not too long later i finally was able to resolve the issues that I thought would be an obstacle in our relationship. And because I'm still in love with him, I wanted to get back with him! I tried a lot, but he said that he doesn't want to, and that it's better for me to move on! I actually tried to work on his advise, but I realised that the my feelings just never change! I want him back and I don't know what to do and whether he'll ever come back! what should I do?- note that we stopped talking because he doesn't want me to think that he's talking to me because he has feelings for me-

  • hello confusedheart,

    Thank you for your question. This seems to be a very complex situation. Overall I don't feel like you are actually where you believe you are. There's still something that needs to be worked on within you. Issues that need resolving. So I went ahead and drew some cards for you.

    Ace of Wands (reversed): This tells me that the energy you are investing in this situation, in this guy is getting you nowhere. Essentially you are spinning your wheels, but you're going nowhere.

    Two of wands: This is the choice card. You have a difficult choice to make but you know in your heart of hearts what the right choice is.

    3 of Swords (reversed): This card shows me the level of heartache you are going through right now. It also shows me that it's not going to end any time soon for you because you are not doing what's right for you.

    9 of wands (reversed): This card represents you. You are feeling overwhelmed, lost, confused, even trapped.

    King of Cups: This is him. You are being asked to consider everything he has said to you to be sage advice. Everything he has told you is for your greater good.

    7 of wands (reversed): This card is asking you not to persevere in your current endeavours in pursuing this guy.

    The general sense I get is that you need to respect this man's decisions. He's decided what he wants which is to let you go and move on. Now you need to do the same. I realise you will have a great deal of regret here, I empathise with that. The key to dealing with it is to accept that everything happens for a reason. That whatever happened, happened. It couldn't have happened any other way.

    You both made your decisions and choices based on what you knew at that moment in time. You simply couldn't have made any other choice. Now, yes. Back then, no. It's a painful lesson for us all, one I was reminded of two days ago. Just believe that you are a better person for these lessons.

    confusedheart, I also consulted the animal cards for you. To find a way for you to heal yourself in the here and now. This is what I got:

    Crow. You are out of balance spiritually, emotionally, and possibly physically. Crow is also a sign for change. It's about you being able to draw on your past, consider very carefully what you want for your future and combine those in a balanced way to produce a balanced present for yourself.

    Moose: Don't give up. Things may look bleak for you right now, times may be tough, but you have the stamina and fortitude to see yourself through. Keep strong, move along. You are fully supported by the Universe in getting through this difficult period of your life.

    Antelope: Take action. You know what the right thing is for you to do, now you are being asked to do it.

    Mountain lion: Again you have the strength, courage and fortitude to lead yourself through this. To empower yourself and come out the other end of this difficult process all the stronger for it.

    Coyote: Try to have some fun. Don't take things so seriously. We all have tough lessons to learn in life. As long as you heal yourself now, follow the advice given, then one day you'll be able to look back on all this and smile. You'll be grateful that this happened because it will have made you a better, stronger person.

    Much love & light to you confusedheart,


  • thanks alot!

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