Has he allready got a girlfriend? love triangle! help

  • I met someone in a pub a few weeks back, he would not leave me alone, he hassled me for my number, I later gave it him...he took me out the same night and he brought all my drinks seemed very interested in me but i was playing some stupid games to make him jealous, we agreed to meet again but I didn't really show any interest so we stopped speaking for a while, untill I was at my friends and she said some men were pointing at her house, i popped my head to the window and it was him on the back of the bus, we just stared at eachother I then realized I did actually like him, so I saw him again the weekend but he was acting weird we got into an argument and he droppped that he had a girlfriend anyway! Im very hurt and feel discusted if hes cheated on her with me....I just need to know more about the situation I feel sick My birth date is 13/09/1993 and his is 26/09/1989 I'm not sure on the birth year as he lied when i first met him saying he was 18! Only cause he thought I wouldn't give him the chance... Someone please help me would be very greatfull.

  • Hello Angelgirll,

    I'm sorry to say that I feel this guy is only interested in you for one thing. There are no emotions involved here at all, he simply doesn't want to be in a relationship with you. I also feel you have "competition", someone he ultimately won't give up in order to be with you.

    You are being asked to use your current knowledge of the situation and to move on.

    Sorry this wasn't more positive for you AngelGirll, but it does seem to be a message of get out now before you get in too deep.

    Love & light to you,


  • PisceanHealer do you mind answering my question on another thread?

  • Thank You PisceanHealer, I felt something wasn't right, I just didn't wan't to believe it..Guess I't just wasn't ment to be. xoxoxox

  • You're welcome AngelGirll. You did the right thing in trusting your instinct. Use this experience as a learning tool to develop your intuition. Feel don't think. Trust your gut.

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