Need insight on my friend's future....pls help

  • need some insight for my friend who is very bitter about her life, or should I say morose? She finds happiness in being with her daughter but misses being with a partner. She has had a bad marriage and is now seperated for almost 4 years. She is wonderful, good looking and has the potential to make someone a wondeful partner, but she is scared to venture on the path of love and marriage again. Can someone do a reading for her and tell me what is there for her in the future. Her DOB is 17th July 1977.

    thanks in advance 🙂

  • Hi prabhas,

    I am not a reader, so forgive me for not bringing you a reading.

    I do have a question.

    She has been seperated for 4 years. May I ask why she has not divorced, finalizing the relationship?

    It would be hard to feel comfortable in engaging into a new love relationship with the past hanging over her in this way.

    A new beginning begins with a path of her own. Only from there can she make a clear decision to venture forth.

    If she cannot move on, there are issues that need to be addressed.

    If it is fear...fear of not succeeding...fear of not being loved...fear of making wrong choices..she needs help in confronting what it is she's afraid of, and the offering of moral support that she will be okay.

    May she recieve insight, may the ties that bind her heart loosen and may she open her eyes to the possibilities of love and and happiness.

  • Hi, Patchlov, thank you for your response. She was seperated and the divorce has some legal issues but will be finalised soon. As you say, she has a lot of fear about the future, and needs support from everyone in her life. The problem is she has been vey unlucky, even her mom passes away and then dad re-married and kind of left her to her own devices. She does not have anyone to support her morally, She has recently shifted next door and I have known her since about 4-5 months so I provide whatever encouragement and love that I can. That is theb reason I wanted a reading to find out if there is any silver lining in the clouds 🙂

  • prabhas, you are the one who wants to be the knight in shining armor and swoop her up into your arms. 🙂

    The fact that she needs support from everyone in her life highlights the fact that she has not yet learned to support herself...from within. She will not be ready for a relationship until she knows who she is.

    The support of friendship, love , and encouragement is a wonderful gift to and for her.

    When you see her begin to understand that she is not a victim, begins to realize what she CAN do..and truly appreciates your awesome friendship, then she is taking steps to a better life.

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