Scorpio Man / Aries Woman

  • 18 mo ago I ran into a man who I happen to go to high school with. He is a scorpio. We didn't know each other until he gave me his name and phone number. I was in a position where I was not looking for a relationship or even dating. He came on strong, persued me, and after 4 days of being with me and sending me emails and good mornings txts and calls we slept together and it was the best ever. I mean, i'm 50, been around the block more then once, but not a big o hoe or anything, but it was exactly whatI was looking for, then I had an anxiety attack because of a situation i was in. I tried to talk to my new man about it but it seemed it was a no fly zone. We continued hot n heavy then just sort of died off. I wouldn't see or hear from him for 2-3 months and when he did call he wanted to be with me. He also is a rehab, AA, born again christian. He doesn't talk about any of it. I know very little. This dance has been going on for 18 mos now. He keeps distance from me, but yet told me he only wants me when he wants me. He doesn't open up and leaves me feeling like I am only a 3 month thing. He is very very busy with his work and because he is an AA I understand he has to replace things with others and being a born again christian sex sometimes is out of the question only when he wants it. I am continually bringing up baggage with myself and beat myself up with what have I done wrong. Slowly he has let me in with certain things like knowing his birthday and other little things. Recently, he has taken me to what he does and met his parents which was a surprise. He didn't tell me that I would be meeting his family. Now, every week I spend a lot of time with his family. All along I just wanted to get to know him more and him to get to know me more, he came on strong, then backed off and when I said some things he put some distance now I am a part of the family. His mom and dad give me hugs, tell me to take care of him, but yet, I still don't know where I stand and because of his work, which takes time, and precision, I don't want to bring up stupid BS like where do I stand with you. I will wait until the season is over and then ask him where I stand. But really would a scorpio man really bring someone into his life like this to meet his family if there wasn't something else there. I really have strong feelings for him and want to tell him but I don't want to blow anything....HELP!!!!

  • What you are feeling are his rules. He controls the relationship---you make desicions not out of regard for your best interest---you censer yourself to please him. This breeds resentment. His rule---don't get angry--don't get needy. Ask no questions. Keep your doubts to yourself and above all else trust me even though I can't be counted on to be there. You know this story! You are smarter than you allow yourself to be. Stop needing him--be yourself. Scorpios may grumble but they respect a woman who draws a firm honest line!

  • ..Are all scorpio men like this? 😮

    This may be something you don't want to hear, but you have to do what it right for you, you have to make yourself happy, even if it means doing so without him.

  • Up until now I have not been angry or needy and just going with the flow. I have no resentments as I know these are traits of a Scorpio. He also sees that I am a strong, independent woman yet very laid back with no conflicts and when I have something to do I do it and tell him, this is what I have going on. I wait till he contacts me but as the months go on, the distance gets longer and longer. Again, I don't want to bring baggage from past in, and at this point if he were to tell me that I was the only one and that he is not out dating around or seeing other women, it would relieve me a lot and would continue to just go with the flow and be strong and there for him. But I just don't know that, now, I'm thinking if I even have to ask this question.....well, it probably isn't going to happen. I just got out of a relationship that was similar on it was Aries/Aries we were so much alike and soulmates that we knew certain aspects of our relationship would only go so far. I'm an impatient Aries. Maybe this Scorpio is trying to teach me patience while he is dealing with his feelings.

    Thank you all. I do welcome any other suggestions too.

  • The last thing I want to do is bring your hopes down, but by the soundings of this Scorpio guy, if he is a true Scorpio, he's not going to tell you what he's doing or who he's with, at least not willingly. He wants to know everything about you and what you're doing, but does not want to talk about everything in his life. The up side to this, however, is that he introduced you to his parents, him taking that step after all the time, is a major step in y'all's relationship. I don't know your birth-date or his, so I can't know every aspect of the emotional compatibility; but I will say, I feel it is your turn to take the next major step. I cant say this step won't scare him off, or that he will like it completely at the moment; but you need to take a step forward with your emotions and communicate with him on a deep level. As a Scorpio he may look at this oddly at first, may scare him at first, but as a Scorpio, he'll understand and appreciate the deep communication level you two could build and bond with together. It's all or nothing. If your emotions scare him off, it wasn't meant to be, but is he sticks around, you two will be closer than ever.

  • Taeleri

    He has told you he only wants you when he wants you--your words. Why are you not believing him? Be kind to yourself! BLESSINGS

  • My ex-husband was a Scorpio and I am an Arias.. Took him 2 years to commit. Was mingling with other girls right in front of me and then coming back to me. Lol. That how he was trying to provoke a jealousy, no more then that. In marriage though was VERY committed by extremaly controlling. Had to know every second where abouts, sorted off my friends and monitored all my communications.. Was VERY difficult. I left him go after 7 years.. What a relief..

  • yes i have recently told him my feelings only because he made a move in communication to me and that conversation consisted of a little of his rehab and new found christian beliefs he acted as if i would never understand where he was coming from but i told him until he told me he was right i would never be able to understand so therefore tell me talk to me, he did a little just enough for me to get a picture but my baggage still says otherwise which is my issue not his and i do not make that to be his issue only something i have to work through. he still says he can only b friends right now but still continues to take me to certain outtings with his family but after the evening is over i get a hug a kiss and a goodnight. when we were first meeting it was a completely different ball game, spending the night, talking walks, going shopping. he left it as a conversation to be continued which we really didn't open to conversation but he did let me in a little n his spiritual or religous beliefs. im willing to stick with it but i too am just doing my own thing, remaining to be happy, i continue to do my meditations. i don't think meditations are a part of his beliefs. sometimes i feel like he met his match here and wants me to be the bad guy so he can feel pain and hurt to everyone but im not going to let that happen because that isn't the type of person i am, i'm not dating or seeing anyone but him but just continuing to be me and do what i do. the first week was really obsessive and i had an anxiety attack and told him not to get attached but since then i've stated my feelings toward him differently and this is where i am with him now, drop offs after dates, txt and phone calls here and there but our once a week saturday evening outting with him and his family.

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