Please, a gentle understanding reader needed for spirittual fortitude

  • Need guidance and caring insight in this heartrending time in my life...

  • Lavishy,

    Hello my dear. Was there a divorce or some sort of ending in your recent past? I feel like you are still traumatized by it and struggling with your feelings of loss and anger. You need give yourself time to recuperate, for mind body and spirit to heal. Spend time with family and friends and be gentle with yourself. Work on releasing your feelings of or attachment to loss and any frustration or anger you may feel about the past. Emotional renewal is what is needed so you can open yourself to the possibility of a new beginning. Part of your healing will be to beef up your masculine energy and take back control of your life. Work on your personal fortitude and strength of character and set your sights on the future. What is on the horizon? What are YOUR hopes and dreams?



  • thank you so much for your kindness and blessings. My heart feels better 🙂 I bet you are a sensitive piscean? Yes, I don't think I ever had a conection like this one and I don't know what to expect for the future with him. Some connections can reallly shake you up right? I am still in shock....I keep letting him go and I will give it to God and be brave on my own and have faith in him and his many...ty sooo much 🙂 i hope to hear from you again.

  • You're welcome, my dear. I'm an Aquarius, but the last day - cusp of Pisces. I also have several planets in Pisces (along with a few asteroids) in my natal chart. Keep your chin up 🙂

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