A little help :D

  • No one can choose your actions, so as far as being truamatized thats your doing and alowing in your head. "illusion" Relationships are a reflection of yourself. Astro does not tell you weather one is mentaly fit, emotionaly, or physically able to have a mature relationship. Those are the biggest factors telling you that a relationship is stable in a positive light. Astro holds a new sign that shifted all signs, each person has a decedent, ascedent, sun and rising sign, then numerology....its all ambiguos and it only tells you traits. I would not advise you to follow such instant gratifying and shallow means of consucting a relationship. You decide if he or she is compatible becuase if you in fact are capable of having a real mature relationship, you know who you are. You have an identity with already set values, boundaries and beliefs, meaning you will know what you want and who will balance. A ,ature adult takes a relationship and makes the best of it for what it is in the now, dewpendency and needyness always seek to now the answer or outcome in the begining. My direct zodiac has no justice or truth about who I really am...honestly and many others who have a self identity will agree. I would not be running your actions based of a astro reading you can even do on your own with google towards anyone you want a real mature and lasting relationship with. Good luck and take care:)

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