Identifying Angels, Good Spirits or Bad demons

  • I have been doing a little research on good and bad spirits. Does anyone have guidance on how one can identify if there are good spirits protecting you? How do you protect yourself from the demons (aside from prayer)? I think I am under a spiritual attack? All insight is greatly appreciated.


    Chellyc71 (luvslife)

  • Have you tried garlic ? 🙂 But seriously, I think no demon can get you unless you create/cultivate your own demons. Your intuition is a good spirit that you should always trust to protect you.

  • I agree. A little background may help…my fiancé of 8 years and I have been going through a real relationship struggle…in January, he came to me and confided that he has been having an ongoing affair for over a year. I have for a long time thought that he was suffering from a mental health issue possibly Bipolar disorder. In January, he started seeking treatment for this and was taking medication. Our life started improving drastically. We had started studying the Bible with our family and planning on going to church. Then he gets in legal trouble from a situation that happened before during the time of the affair. This is a life changing event. Then, to top it off, his father who was his everything passed away. So he is in a downward struggle and I feel like it is somewhat spiritual in nature. Almost like someone said “Oh, now you are getting your life in order so let’s see what I can do to cause you to cross to the dark side again”. Sometimes I feel like I am protected or guided through all of this but he is not. Maybe this is just how I want to feel and malarkey . Why would I be so special? So I am curious as to how I would know or could find out what is around me….

  • I think the explanation is simple - you feel protected because you are more level headed and stable, therefore you are protecting yourself, and attract positive energy. Unfortunately people with bipolar disorder tend to get themselves into troubles, and there are always consequenses that catch up even after they start healing. I'm talking here about his legal problem, and the affair. As for the death of his father - all of our parents will die one day or another. It's said, but it's just the fact of life, nothing to do with demons. I had (still having) a pretty rough year myself. My dad has died and my sister is undergoing a chemo treatment, plus my 10 years partner has revealed to me that he doesn't "fancy" me anymore. There are sometimes bad patches in life, call them universal challenges if you want, which we just have to go through sometimes. Remember - what doesn't kill us, makes us stronger. By the way, in homeopathy, for example, when you start the treatment often symptoms get temporarily worse before you get better. That's how it often works in life too. Stay strong and take care of yourself !

  • I meant "it's sad", not "said" 🙂

  • Dear chellyc,

    I just read your posting and had to respond because I wanted to let you know what your own angels have to say about this. First, you are not your boyfriend. He is on this earth to learn lessons that are important to his spiritual growth, just as you are here on this earth to learn your own lessons. You are not here to learn the same ones! Do not own his life as your own. Do not own his behaviors as your own. Nor his mistakes. They all are in his path for his own personal learning experiences, and it has absolutely nothing -- they repeat nothing -- to do with bad spirits.

    Choose the higher road. Choose to walk in the light of God. Choose to surround yourself and your house and your very being with the white light of the holy spirit. For in that light, rests your true highest self. And in that light are your angels. Your fears in your mind are what cause you to think of darkness. They don't exist except in the energy you choose to give it. So stop wasting your time and energy on such nonsense they say. Live Live Live your life to the absolute fullest that you can. Feel your head held high as you walk right beside your angels. If you need a dose of divine protection, call on Archangel Michael who will be with you in a moment's notice to fight the demons you mention. For they are in your mind, fueled by fears.

    Focus on the light. Focus on the love you feel in your heart. Focus on the goodness. All you control is you. Your thoughts. Your behaviors. Focus on those. And when you will know what is right for you...and what isn't. For you will feel rightness tugging at you, pulling you, and that is your divine guidance at work. Pay attention your angels say. And you will never need to ask your question again because you will know you walk with angels every single day.

    Angel blessings to you!

    Miss Beth

  • Hate to interupt everyone but Miss Beth I was looking for some insight from you regarding my angels, identifying them and giving me guidance. My question is located in this forum named: For MissBethAngels-What Do The Angels Say?

  • Thanks Asia, I will try to locate this email. I haven't been able to locate some postings through the search engine on this site!

  • Ok thank you so much if you want to just click on my icon Asia118X and I think that forum would pop up hope so it works (I dont have your email address though-so Im dont think it will be emailed to you) but thank you and your help is greatly appreciated 🙂

  • chellyc71,

    Miss Beth is absolutely right on about angels and about how we are all hear to learn our own lessons. I don't believe that there is anything evil or demonic surrounding your boyfriend...maybe he's got a little karmic debt to pay off, but the events you describe do not sound like demon attacks.

    I am a paranormal investigator, and have been studying ghosts, spirits and demons for pretty much most of my life. Good spirits are usually our family and friends who have passed on, who check in on us from time to time when we need them. Evil spirits or demons are entirely different, and are certainly not associated with family or friends who have passed on. They are in a whole category of their own. Ghosts are also related to those who have passed on...however, there is a difference between a ghost and a spirit. Both come from the soul of the body, but if the soul gets "stuck" between our world and the Afterlife, then it is called a ghost. A soul that moves on into the Afterlife is referred to as a spirit. Spirits go through an educational and enlightening process when they arrive in the Afterlife and have the freedom to "visit" our world. A ghost never even makes it to the Afterlife to begin's like they're stuck in an alleyway between two buildings. Usually there is some issue that keeps a ghost attached to the physical realm and prevents them from moving on...but once the issue is cleared up, they can move on to become a spirit.

    There are ways to protect yourself from negative energy, but I think in your case, the best thing is to not "own" your boyfriend's actions or lessons. As Miss Beth says, we are all here to learn our own lessons. If you truly feel that you need protection, burn a white candle or meditate and imagine yourself surrounded by a bright white light. Try to do the right thing every day, and pay attention to lessons that come your way so that you learn from them and they don't need to be repeated.

    I sure hope that wasn't too confusing, lol. 🙂

  • Hi Ms Beth and Darkness Angel,

    Ms Beth-wow, I had such a revealation when you told me that I should not own my behaviors or mistakes. Others have said this but it just wasn't getting through. I have been trying to focus onthe white light and sometimes I can visualize this to be very vibrant and other times it is difficult. I do feel very protected in the last few months. It is the negative energy I feel coming from him that I think I am mistaking for a bad pressence.

    Hi Darkness Angel,

    I appreciate the clarification. Yes, I understand the difference. I do try very hard to do the right thing and make good decisions. I am not a young person but I feel very immature about some things and well beyond my years for others. I know what is right and I feel like I am constantly battling with him to do the right things. I am just tired....plain out worn out. I love him but COME he keeps asking for more time. I haven't been stressed though about this...I feel like something is telling me just to wait and it will all be okay. So that is my instinct. Not to wait and he will start improving but to just wait and it will work out. Now I am being confusing.

    Sending warm wishes and blessings your way,


  • Hebrews 1:14 “Are not the angels all ministering spirits, servants sent out in the service [of God for the assistance] of those who are to inherit salvation?” (AMP)

    Psalm 91:11 “For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways.” (NASB)

    I know what scripture says about God sending angels to protect us. One of the things you can do for your boyfriend is cover him in prayer asking God to send angels to protect him and guide him in all his ways.

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