• Have recently started to use a pendulum and for the most part is has worked well for me but I still wonder sometimes about the answers whether it is my hearts desire that is affecting the answers. Sometimes I feel it does but then sometimes it just answers me and I am surprised by the answer. I usually call on my guardian angel before using the pendulum which helps me trust the answers more. The times I have asked for others the answer has been accurate. I was told once by someone that we are not suppose to test our pendulums. Is that true? how do you cleanse your pendulum and where do you store it. I carry it with me always and am wondering if that is good or not because of all the energies around me. Any input or discussions about pendulums is much appreciated.

  • Water cleanses, charge it in sun light also send white light to it and smotth it's aura with your energy.

    It picks up on your emotional state as well, but phrasing a question can be the hardest - sometime you can have multiple questions in your head and it is not always answering the one you think.

  • Thank you for your input. Gosh I didnt know that it can answer different questions thats in my mind at the moment!. Gets complicated and makes me wonder how much I can trust my pendulum! hmmmm

  • Just need to clean it first, clear you head amd concentrate. Practice makes perfect. I also start by asking it if I can ask a question. When picking your pendulum did you go through everyone in the shop and ask them all if they wanted to speak the truth to you. I know mine did and it was the only one that felt smooth to touch when I picked it up. I am not just talking about the actual physical texture but also the energy firls around it

  • No I didnt do that as far as asking the different pendulums! i love rose quartz so i was drawn to it. It came in a huge plastic bag filled with pendulums and when i looked in that was the first one that caught my eye and especially since I love rose quartz i picked it.

  • Hello to Virgo Goddess and PiecesPiggy.....

    I am in another forum about having a hard time with our cancer men and I have been telling the about using pendulums for answers. has sky rocketed to sy the least ! Now just about everyone is doing it and they have had a lot of questions. This will bore you to tears Pieces Piggy but one of the girls got an answer that didn't happen and you and I both know that happens sometimes and there oculdbe a number of reasons.

    I am going to post here a few of the posts. One of my 'students' (the one who's answer didn't turn out) did some research last night and there is a lot of information in all of that. Pieces, I doubt you will learn anything new and neither did I but it may be helpful for VirgoGoddess so bear with me.

    AND....PiecesPiggy -- I have a question I hope you can help me with at the end of all of this.

    See next post for all......

  • As for the pendulum....I am laughing because last time I swore to myself I would copy and past the instructions in an email to myself so I would ahve it handy to copy and pasate back here for the next one!


    You can use anything that can hang from a string or a necklace with a pendant on it. Even something as simple as a string with a nut from a bolt tied to it...

    Hold it in your hand a a few moments or next to your heart and just breathe a bit to get centered.

    Start each session of questions with the statement that you want your answers to come from your Subconscious (sometimes we use our Guardian Angel) Both are part of the network of a ll consciousness so we c an bring up the past, present and psychics do.

    Hold it in your dominant hand by your forefinger and thumb and only about 2-3 inches from the pendant. The rest of the chair or string goes through your hand as to anchor it out of the way....lock it into your pinkie at the outter edge of your hand and anything over that space can dangle out of the way.

    Tell the pendulum which way to swing is yes and which way is no. I use back and forth for yes and left to right (sideways) for no.

    Brace your elbow of the dominant hand (I'm right handed) on a table or hard sufrace to steady it. Then ask your question with the pendulum still and mentally or out loud say the question over and over and over and the pendulum will start to move. Sometimes it starts out just doing a little confused move before it can get the momentum going in the direction it wants. Keep thinking the quesiton even after it moves well until you feel the answer is finsihed and was indicated long enough for you.

    Then I stop it with my left hand and ask the next question.

    Sometimes they will just stall out as I call it. When that happens you either didn;t ask the question other words don;t ask something confusing ....should I call him or not. Ask...should I call him. Be specific and simple. Sometimes they need clearing. A tap or two on a table susrface or under running cold water in your non domanant hand will do that. Often....I just switch pendulums as I keep about three ready to go on my bedside table. I have a Rose quartz that is supposed to be good for love related things but I promise you.....ALL of them work...even the string and nut!

    One last thing. Do't keep asking the same question more than once or twice in the same will sometimes (not always) go the opposite way for an answer as its recognizing you are not trusting the answer so you get jumble.

    Good luck --

    PS...About the pendulum....

    It is possible to make it move the way you want by concentrating on how it should move. DO NOT DO must stay neutral. One exercise is to ask the question a couple of times and then alternate with "i wonder which way it will go" then the question again...and so on.

    THEN: This came in and I didn't see it so she went on line for some answers....

    Cappy2! It's now 10 p.m. here and he hasn't called- this is weird because I've asked my pendulum a lot of questions about it and it remained consistent. When I asked if he'd call today, it was a surprise. What do you think may have happened?

    Here is her information.....

    I found this I thought I should post:

    Things that can Cause an Incorrect Response from the Pendulum:

    Poor communication. (inaccurate phrasing) The most important thing is how you phrase the question. For example, don't just ask "Is this water good for me"?" Be more accurate: Good in what way? The water may have both good and bad aspects. For example, you may be extremely thirsty, so the water is good for replenishing your body fluids, but the water could be tainted and later give you diarrhea. So state the question more clearly such as "Will this water serve my highest and greatest good?"

    Asking questions that are too general: Don't ask general questions such as "Is Mary healthy?" Rather ask specific questions such as "Is Mary's diet causing her health problems?"

    Being tired.

    Forcing the situation. Using the pendulum even though the time or circumstances may not be right.

    Being off Center: Feeling mentally or emotionally out of balance. You need to be in the right frame of mind.

    Focusing too heavily on the pendulum itself, and not enough on the information inside you.

    Being too close to high frequency electrical equipment (operate at least 3 ft from a TV or computer screen).

    If you start to work with the pendulum, and you are not getting clear swings on the answers, then go over what could be causing this. Ask the pendulum "Is there a more appropriate time?" (perhaps there are children screaming in the other room), or "Is there a more appropriate place?" or "Is there a more appropriate way to state the question?" These are always easy questions to get accurate answers to.

    Sunday, June 14, 2009 21:01 PDT

    Free will happened! No biggie though guys- I'm kinda happy he didn't, today's all about me 🙂 Thanks anyways sleeping Cappy2, I hope you're having hot dreams of your Cancer man 😉

    Sunday, June 14, 2009 21:03 PDT

    ANOTHER Part of her post.......

    Important Things to Remember:

    As long as you keep your sights on the fact that you are the pendulum, that your subconscious mind is really providing the answers, you avoid making the tool more important than the consciousness behind it.

    Keep your pendulum in a safe and special place to help maintain your vibration on, in and through the pendulum.

    It is better if you don't allow other people to handle your pendulum. You want to keep it as much in tune with your vibration as possible. (If you do let other people handle your pendulum, the worst that can happen is that you may have to re-establish the yes/no response.)

    The number one reason for inaccurate pendulum reading is vague and faulty wording of the question.

    The number two reason is your psychological state, the thoughts, emotions, feelings, images, desires, hope, wishes, etc. that vibrate in and through your psyche. These things can influence the answer.

    The third source of pendulum inaccuracy is lack of patience. Approach the pendulum one day at a time. Watch, wait, see and try again.

    Inaccuracy occurs when there is lack of concentration. Practice focusing on the questions until you are able to concentrate and hold your attention steady during the time you are working with your pendulum.

    In the beginning there is a tendency to consult the pendulum every time you have to make a decision. At that point the pendulum stops being a tool for cultivating intuitive perception and starts becoming a mental-emotional-spiritual crutch. Do not depend on it to the exclusion of your own common sense.

    The pendulum is not designed to predict the future. This is because future events are not set in stone, but are determined by people's free will. It is only possible to predict the future to the extent that you know what future choices people are most likely to want to make. A pendulum can help you predict future events only to the extent that you yourself understand what the possibilities are. In other words, it can help you select among the possibilities you are already aware of. But when other people's choices are part of the possibilities, free will comes in and increases the variables to the extent that it becomes impossible to predict what people will choose to do.

    Use the pendulum wisely to develop awareness, perception and intuition. These skills of consciousness are within and only need to be brought out through repeated use. The pendulum is only one way to help bring them out.

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    Then I wrote....

    KarmaC ---- Got up for water and I was so pleased to see you have been researching! Good work! I'm glad you posted it for every to read! It pretty much follows everything I have casually read, been told and gleaned from research.

    I'm sorry he didn't call. Have you consider trying to contact him lately?

    Absolutely right about the future and free will. It can take you just so far. And, it absolutely should not be used as a mental -emotional-spiritual crutch...meaning, of course, not to consult on everything in your life. I sometimes go for months and even a year or two....but honestly, with my cancer man....I had to pull out the big guns. I have used it an average of three sessions a week with a few questions a session. My pendulum accuracy is quite high with only one wrong answer in the past three me months of use with my Cancer. Through the years I have learned how to ask questions and about being specific.

    And I repsect it. I keep mine in a couple of black velvet pouches. No one else uses mine and I clear the energy from time to time. They say that with Brass ones you don't have to do that.

    There are books with some wonderful charts...I order some charts on line, too. The charts maes is so easy to delve further into your answer possibilities. I used mine the other night about a possible vacation was sectioned like a half sun with rays shooting upwards...and each ray was a"hash mark" of a number of percentage from Zero to 100. Looks like about 80% that my guy and I will still go on a vacation we have planned in July. Only time will tell....But the charts do add a different dimension.

    And you can make any chart you can think of. The subsonscious won't be confused...will immediately identify where the chart is asking or the purpose of the chart. Very interesting. There are charts for healing purposes and even vitamins and minerals listed where the pendulum will select which your body needs at that time.

    I will say that I have researched on line quite a lot and have many books and I really never see contradictory information which makes me feel really good about all information thus far. As far as the future can take us part of the way...and sometimes all the way but as your website pointed will...especially when concerning another ...will always make any prediction about another somewhat less than accurate enough to be betting on! : )

    KarmaC - About the question you asked about time. Yes...pendulums do have a concept of time...just as your subconscious does, as that is where the information is coming from. And, honestly....I think it does a bit more about the future. I think there has been a propensity for some people to rely on it and even psychics or any form of divination so much that they would "bet the house" on an event happening or not happening ....blind the books and online information are just making you very conscious (sort of how a disclaimer would) and cautious of not using your common sense, understanding events can change. There are things like acts of God, free will, as mentioned earlier, and others that can change the course of events. I have found that if I get a prediction about the future...and I re check on that intermittantly leading up to the event it will sometimes change the response not long before the event....and sometimes it stays true all the way with the results predicted. When it changes then something has happened, or new information has entered into the mix to make a difference.

    KarmaC - it is quite possible that he intended to call you. Any number of things could have happened including he 'intended' to butt was was just so busy he forgot....or he didn't forget but it was too late by the time he could because of people around him all day. Then...woke this morning thinking its too late. We may never know unless you do hear from him and he explains or we get an answer by divinity. I tried asking if he intended to tiny I switched to did 'he forget to call, and.... did he forget it was her Birthday and got the same. That means I don't have enough information or the question was not worded properly to make an answer. In this case, no doubt, I did not have enough information.. It's probably that KarmaCutie and her cancer man" is just too vague for me to pull up anything...I would think having your names would be better. You try it today and see if you can get an answer.

    Sorry everyone....this forum is about our Cancer men....I didn't intend to take it over. In, fact I asked my spirit guides AND the pendulum whether I should continue with this last post on the subject this morning. Well...I got a sign! Somehow my charger became disconnected and I lost service right after typing "Sorry everyone" at the beginning of this paragraph. So I thought....well, it wasn't meant for me to write. Often times Widows does not save my work or last web page to an internal disc....I never know why it does sometimes and doesn't others...I assumed it would not this time because I ran totally out of power that it would not have been able to save it. (Though the pendulum said yes) But, somehow, it was saved so here it is... I guess you were meant to read it.

    I hope this helps you understand the pendulum better and my last remark is that it's truly a valuable Tool and Gift to be able to tap into your subconscious for better understanding or clarity. Its no less accurate than tarot, a psychic reading, numerology, etc. and sometimes it could be more as it eliminates interpretation by others. And, you don't need years of study or a super charged psychic ability. It is much more instantaneous with answers and something you can do, yourself, with a string and a stick if need be....while on a picnic...with no appointment and its free!

    The End (giggle)

    Good luck!

    PiecesPiggy -- See next post for my question, please.

  • Pices Piggy ----

    Please look up to the third from the last real paragraph that starts:

    KarmaC -- It's quite possible that he intended to call you.

    Read that please .....

    I have not really tried to ask on behalf of anyone else very much and clearly not 'almost strangers'....

    My question is this....Can we do that and if we can then I suppose not having al the solid information I need was the problem??

    What is your take on my particular question AND

    Do you pretty much agree with the on line information she got as I do?

    AND there a ny correction you would make as to any of the information I posted on "How to" right down to my last comments?

    It's a learning process no matter how many years I have been using the pendulum so all advice is welcomed!! I would love to pick your brain!

    PS - (laughing here) What I said about a nut and a string or about a string and a stick on a picnic is true but I can tell that you and I prefer to feel some response and choose one we feel is 'speaking to us' Somewhere I read that the ones you actually make yourself are even better....but you are still using natureal stone, rock, metals, crystals, etc. Unless of course, someone makes one with a plastic thimble or something!! Do you have an opinion?

    THANK you!!

  • Piscespiggy and cappy2...

    Thank you so much for all your input!! Helps me a lot.

    Cappy2 isnt capricorns and cancers suppose to be a good match. I am a virgo and the guy I love is a capricorn! If you think you are having trouble with your cancer man try dating a cappy!! omg S L O W!! and totally hide their emotions! like pulling teeth!! lol

    Thanks once again for all your guidance. Much blessings to you both...


  • Yes...we are supposed to be a good match....they sweep you off your feet and do all the doing - lust the way I like it.....but once they hook your heart the go back into their crab shell. The become afraid of how quickly things are moving (thanks to them) Until you lock them in they are so afraid of being hurt (again) and move so... s l o w l y. They don;t usually respond to emails...even those with invitations, etc that need a response....only call when they feel they HAVE to and on and on. ITs all about them. My psychics say he's the one...he is going to be wonderful once you two are totally locked in....he will be as romantic and sweet as he was in the beginning, loyal, loving and on and on. In the meantime...I don't even recognize myself anymore! I don't DO this! All the gals in that forum are totally in love with these guys with MAGICAL charisma....not just charisma! They are all identical! Mine can only do one thing at a time so if there is stress or a problem in his comes to a screaching halt! So he can retreat into his shell to "think about it' I am so frustrated I could s c r e a m! Sorry...didn;t mean to vent here. You aren;t used to it! LOL Come to my page and you will get used to it in a hurry! : )

    Didn;t mean to inundate you with all this pendulum stuff either. It was just there...right in front of me so I sent it.

    I am truly so close to calling it off with this man.

  • Well,

    I sometimes find that my pendulum picks up on what I want it to say rather then what should say. If my emotional ties to the question are too great I have to leave it and clean and recharge the pendulum as is is picking up the positive from my energy.

    The concept of today is strange as well, I have had instances when today actually means the next 24 hours and things I felt had been given wrong were actually right.

    You also get situations when it will start telling you the right answer but you mind rebells against it and unconsciously you force it to reaffirm the answer you want to see. You mind is a powerful tool and can influence everything around you once you tap in to it.

    I used it a lot when younger and then drifted away from using it as my last partner believed enough about spiritualism to be scared about it and hated me doing it. I stopped for her sake and have for the last nne months been reconnecting with my roots.

    My Mum and Dad have never stopped and are a positive force in my life again

  • Hi piscespiggy,

    Yeah I do the same with my pendulum when I feel like it is acting up a bit I cleanse it in sea salt water and put it away. Havent used it in a couple of days but for the most part I do get pretty accurate answers from it. I feel it is my only way right now to talk to my guardian angel too!

  • Gosh Cappy2,

    It sounds like you are so frustrated with your situation! I think it will help you to take a break from it all. Just for a bit maybe a week or so just let him go and calm your thoughts and look within yourself to see what your heart desires. Not from him but from a man in general. What is it that you want from a man and how do you want to be treated by him. Sometimes we listen to others and get side tracked from our own true hearts desire. I think if you quieten your mind down a bit and withdraw and pay attention to yourself instead of him then you will get the answer that you need. That way you can make a firm decision as to what to do next. I have successfully done just that the last couple of years where I have withdrawn and looked within and actually listened to myself and have made good decisions that way. Decisions that I do not regret or doubt because they have been for my best interest for a change and not someone elses. I hope this helps and I sure hope you are able to find some peace. Feel free to vent anytime I dont mind 🙂

    Have an awesome blessed day!



  • v-goddess ---- I have been consumed with a lot thispast week and jsut now saw your comment to me from last Tuesday! Thank you for your excellent advice! It reaffirms what I have been doing the past four days so I must have gotten it via osmosis from you!! I'm not al the way there yet but I am much closer and still working on it. I suspect it will take a while but at least I have started the process.

    Hello to my friend, PiscesPiggy! Where have you been?


  • VirgoGoddess --

    Hello again. Just wanted to update you. Things continued not to go well with Mr. Cancer Man so we are apart. Now I have even more time to ponder what I want and hope love will knock on my door soon. I am not willing to spend the rest of my life....looking to find or looking to be found. I do know what I want and it's exactly who he was in the beginning. Things changed dramatically and I hung on...probably much, much too long. But I did and it is what it is. I just had a hard time letting go of what I hoped would be the end of my searching. Trust me on this. I wasn't just looking for any man....I was looking for that special man that would be my everything from best friend to chemically charged lover forever more! I have had my share of loss and pain and every bit of it came from a man --- one way or another. I was very careful this time. So, needless to say, I and very gunshy right now. I would have bet the farm on this man. I guess its a good thing I didn't!

    Thanks again for your cool headed advice. I am coasting slowly and in the end....My slowly could come to a screaching halt. But if it does, it does. I know that I wasn;t meant to be alone but as I have said for years....being alone isn't nearly as bad as being with the wrong person.

    Love, light and peace....


  • Hi Cappy,

    I have been living life with my Sag and loving it, not had so much time to surf the net and connect with the lovely people on this forum.

    Hope you are well, will check up with FB also

    Love PP x

  • Hi Cappy2,

    When I was considering getting a divorce from my husband a wonderful friend of mine told me this "its better to be alone and happy than with someone and miserable". I took his advice and am so very much at peace. I am glad to hear that you are done with this guy and I know that even though you do get lonely sometimes you didnt settle for less. And one thing I have come to find out is that once we start loving ourselves we stop settling for less because we just wont do that to ourselves, know what I mean. One of the things that I did once I had settled a bit after my divorce is sit down and really look within and write down everything that I am looking for in a man every single detail and then I prayed and gave it up to the universe. I did around the end of 2007 and I am now with a man who has all the qualities that I wrote down. This man is the same man who had told me what I wrote at the begining of this comment!!! He went from being friends to lovers to now the love of my life as I discover more and more wonderful qualities in him and when I read what I wrote down about the perfect man for me I am amazed at how much he resembles that. So dont give up hope ok cos believe me the perfect man for you exists and is out there you just have to believe in it when you are ready and make a request to the universe. Wish you all the best! 🙂


  • pendulum...why not?

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