Could I have a reading please?

  • Could I have a compatibility reading... Plz!!!!

    Mine - March 8 1983

    His - November 15 1973

  • Astro does not tell you weather one is mentaly fit, emotionaly, or physically able to have a mature relationship. Those are the biggest factors telling you that a relationship is stable in a positive light. Astro holds a new sign that shifted all signs, each person has a decedent, ascedent, sun and rising sign, then numerology....its all ambiguos and it only tells you traits. I would not advise you to follow such instant gratifying and shallow means of consucting a relationship. You decide if he or she is compatible becuase if you in fact are capable of having a real mature relationship, you know who you are. You have an identity with already set values, boundaries and beliefs, meaning you will know what you want and who will balance. A ,ature adult takes a relationship and makes the best of it for what it is in the now, dewpendency and needyness always seek to now the answer or outcome in the begining. My direct zodiac has no justice or truth about who I really am...honestly and many others who have a self identity will agree. I would not be running your actions based of a astro reading you can even do on your own with google towards anyone you want a real mature and lasting relationship with. Good luck and take care:)

  • Ok well then would you mind giving me a reading as far as my future in 2011? I applied for school in September at a community college. Really wanted to go to my dream school in NYC but Im to late for the fall for the major I want.

    And what about jobs? Im out of work right now.

  • Id still like a psychic reading on the birthdates above though if anyone else would like to offer thanks!

  • I cannot tell you your future unless I am plagued in the head. If you trully want to go to school it will happen. Life is choice and direct will and focus concerning success. Apply to what you want and be persisitant. If you apply for jobs the you will eventually get one, its your choice to take what is offered and how effective you get yourself out there. your not compatible with anyone are asking people to tell you about your future which shows poor self trust and faith with doubt and confusion. that is nopt security for a good relationship that will last. I would see a college guidance counselor. 🙂

  • Thanks but your response is just rude. Please dont respond to any more of my post unless you are answering it as I asked in the way Ive asked. Thank you. If you are so against all this why do some of your posts involve readings? Why are you telling me Im not compatible with anyone right now? As far as your post goes you have no right or position to tell me that. You're contradicting yourself.

  • hello Carly83,

    I can't do compatibility readings, I tend to be drawn or focus upon present energies - the here and now. But I'll let you know what I picked up.

    I get the impression you are a very shrewd person. Intelligent. Savvy. You're using these talents or gifts of yours to figure out this guy and this situation. But there is a definite element of disillusion going on. Someone isn't seeing the truth, is unwilling to see the truth and will even refuse to see the truth should it come to light (which won't be anytime soon). It's not necessarily a negative thing. It just feels like this person is caught up in their own dreams and fantasies - unable to see the illusion. I'm inclined to say this is him, but I know you're a fellow Piscean so I know from personal experience what it's like to be in our dreams and fantasies 🙂

    Is there a relationship between you? I'm almost inclined to ask if he is actually aware of you and your feelings for him.

    As for compatibility, are you two compatible? It depends on your definition of compatible. Ultimately it all comes down to how willing both parties are going to be to solve the challenges that arise between them. Right now the two of you aren't on the same page. One of you is content, happy even with the current situation. The other isn't.

    If this is a guy you are interested in and thinking of pursuing - thinking of declaring your feelings for him - I'm sorry to say Carly, I don't think he is ready to hear that.

    Love & light to you,


  • Thank you Piscean Healer! I do get what you mean as far as illusion. Yes as a Pisces I automatically assume it is me and they way things were going maybe it is me. Not sure about his side though. No there is no relationship. No we are not on the same page. I am at the brink in my life to sail off into my own and basically he is the one that may be content with where he is. Not sure cause when I put my thoughts into this very thing I become completely frustrated and angry. Hes completely cut me off. Either way.. im making the choice to end it anyway...

    An old friend got back in contact with me. Someone who use to visit my old job. Ive been hanging out with him for the past couple days. Ive also put applications in went onto an interview yesterday and last night put another application in. My goal is to get two jobs. Today I also put that application into my dream school in NYC!!! I found out I could get a waiver to get through the application fee!!!! And well my major wasn't available for full time but I was at least able to apply for evening and weekend classes!!!!

  • Before reading your last post, I too, thought that she was being rude with her answers. Just trust in your own instincts. You are the only one that can make your future happen. Trust in yourself.

  • Thanks lovetolearn!! I appreciate your encouragment. It still hurts I care a lot about this other guy alot and I honestly feel like hes played me this whole time.

  • Does anybody feel this will work out between us? Will we work out somehow? Ive tried everything.

  • No Carly it won't I'm sorry. He's living a lie and will continue to refuse to see the truth for a long while yet. All the signs are pointing to you moving on. The re-emergence of the old friend, the job applications, and the NY school. Compare how smoothly they are all going to how frustrated you are with the other guy.

    The paths we are meant to take in life tend to run more smoothly than those we aren't.

  • Really? So you think Ill get to NYC?.. Now when you say lie what do you mean? Cause I do believe you in some way as for continue seeing truth not sure what extent the lie is that it would effect in such an extreme way.

  • You cant believe the signs of moving forward though... This school was dead set on not having a waiver before when I tried to get in... suddenly I call the place and the option is available on the site.

  • Maybe this is whats getting me moving.. getting me looking.. pushing me forward... ya know? I feel that if I didnt have something pushing me forward or in comparison I wouldnt be trying..

  • Do have any idea what the lie might be?

  • Im not ok with this Im very upset. I dont know what this lie is and I dont want to lose him.

  • I talked to him this morning. He says something like what gives you the right to think you are the one for me. Who put you into a position of any kind of authority to say if you were the one. Im trying to see his words and understand them and try to figure out what is really going on cause now my mind is completely twisted...

  • And he also says hes not the man for me... The one. Im thinking this is some kind of insecurity.

  • Is he gay?

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