• Hay there shadowmist,

    May I suggest something? Pray to the Archangel Michael for protection against the evil of addition. Ask him to protect you and your son and shield you from your fears. Ask him to surround with his light and to fight off any fear of negative thought that may come to you in regards to your son. Ask him to give you the strength to talk to your son and draw out his sadness and his own fears.

    As you know Archangel Michael is a very powerful angel and I think he is the one to go to when one is faced with a weary and fearful situation.

    Your friend in Tarot,


    PS LB my greeting to you should have read "Hay there" not Ha there

  • Light and love and blessings to you, I am so touched by the response I've gotten!! Sunday was an amazing day, and I've been recieving healing since. I believe that in a few months, this will be completely gone. You are all amazing people!

  • Hey if RC also feels better after the next sunday's Circle that'll be truly amazing don't you think ?

  • Agreed!!

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