• I believe that when I claimed my healing for my cervical cancer issues, it has happened. I came back completely clear last month. I am thankful ever day for that, and I'm encouraged that we can heal ourselves. I have been struggling with my stomach for over a year now. Nobody knows what it is, why it happens. I keep calling for my healing, and yet I still have issues. I was wondering if someone would be able to work with me in my healing. I keep thinking it has some kind of karmic ties, something that I can finally clear up with meditation. The opportunity has arisen for me to conquer this, if that makes any sense. But I think I need help, as this is a big one. So, all this said and if it makes any sense, if someone would like to work with me I'd appreciate it with every fiber of me. Mostly, my stomach, though hehe.

  • Hi LB, I can send you healing if it helps. And clear your chakras too and check your energy fields. Having said that I haven't done it for a montth or two but it would be good to get it up and running again.


  • Ah good idea, forgot about my chakras! Will work on that tonight, for sure. Thanks!

  • Maybe we could send you Light during the Circle's meeting (hope we don't overload you and then you glow in the dark lol) Can i ask a stoopid newbie chakra question ? How do you "work" on them ? Last night my throat was extremely sore, today is much better but i feel energy running through my body, arms, feet and i think i can feel my throat chakra energy revolving....now i had some prana working experience years ago as an apprentice to a bio-energy healer but never felt anything like this. I think my heightened prana awareness began after i joined the Circle of Light but not really sure..

  • Namaste LB,

    Thats wonderful news, I'm so happy for you, what an a enormous amount of weight that has been lifted from you:)

    If you can, or if you want, let me know some of your symptoms in regards to your stomach areas, either through this thread or my email...I have yours if you don't remember mine:)

    I have been coming out of my comfort zones lately and i am learning/trying ,different healing techniques. If you would like i would really be honored if you would let me try my newly found purpose, calling not sure what to call it:)... time will tell.

    Love and Light


  • Hey LB- i don't mind helping too. I have also had stomach issues, for a year or so. but just getting on with some healing myself too. So i understand what your going through, I dont mind helping out and sending you some light too, been practising that lately, anyway so i could add you to the list. 🙂

    Love you, and hugs bee Xx

  • Seehorse, you "do" your chakras easily, you simply focus on each one and imagine the colour related to it and send it light until the colour is bright and shiny and the chakra is not overlarge or too small. And then you move on to the next one and do it all again. I have a colour code somewhere, let me just find it. Each chakra also resonates to a tone and if you sing OM in that tone it will do the same job, clean it out and brighten it up. I am sure there are many other ways to do your chakras but this is the way I do mine and other peoples's and it seems to work.Will just go and find that code for you, will start another thread for it.

  • You can talk about chakras here, I don't mind 🙂

    Yes, Sunday if you remember, I'd definitely appreciate if you sent me some of that light. And if I end up glow in the dark... I'll be a favorite at raves! Oonce Oonce Oonce!

  • Also this book is fantastic, I have quite a few books from this author, they changed my life.

    Your Seven Energy Centers: A Holistic Approach To Physical, Emotional And Spiritual Vitality (Pocket Guides to Practical Spirituality) Elizabth Claire Prophet

  • Many many thanks paddifluff, i experimented somewhat with prana, i've had some experience with it in the past, even bought a magazine about crystals who came along with a blue- green obelisk shaped crystal thingie and suddendly this evening everything is back to normal all of sudden....thing is i tried so many things and silly "techniques" of my own, i don't know what worked lol...hey MJ maybe it was you ?

    So LB Sunday it is ! Rave dancing, glowing in the dark and bongsmoking...girl you rock !

  • I am so happy for you littlebudha that is wonderful news!!!!!!! as for healing your chakras I use the book by Mantak Chia and it works very well for the stomach spleen & pancreas as for the throat I use deep breathing while clearing the mind and drinking hot tea by TAZO (I lose my voice alot) they have a variety of teas for different ailments; I also use sented candles and I make sure I have peace & quiet even if it is only for ten minutes

    hope this helps

  • Sorry it took so long. SH here are the colours- breathe in green, breathe out yellow. Breathe in blue, breathe out orange. Breathe in purple and breathe out red (doing this one when you and your partner are engaging in sport of the bedroom kind can enhance things, tried and tested it worked for us).

    And then repeat the whole lot three times. I got it from Doreen Virtue's book Chakra Clearing.

    Hugs to you fellow lightworkers LB we will make you shiiiiinne.


  • Thank yyou so much Paddifluff, i'll do that ! Hey you got 4 kids and time or mood for bedroom sports ?! I admire you....

  • 😉

  • multitasking

  • oh yes i know all about it lol like posting on tarot typing with one hand holding back from PC the curious little one with the other while answering the phone....

    I declare myself the king of idiots : i experiment with prana. The Universe was kind enough to make my eye wander on a friend's bookself and see a book about Pranayama. And only now i notice this in Shadowmist's post "as for the throat I use deep breathing while clearing the mind"

    that combined with Paddifluff's colors worked just fine ! I'm total newbie rotflmao

  • Just don't overdo it on the breathing you will start hyperventilating.


  • and i thought the dizziness was from finding Nirvana rotflmao

  • Ha there LB,

    I just read your thread here. I sent you over white healing light to circle around you and keep you well. Hope you stay clear and healthy for all your days.

    May the archangel Raphael's healing white wings surround you and keep you well.

    Your friend in Tarot,


  • Love the coyote cartoon seahorse and it is so true that's why I wont fly haha now does anyone know of healing for a bad attitude from a teenage boy? he doesn't want to talk and he has been really nasty lately and yesterday when he came home from his grandmothers all he did was sulk in his room (I found out he saw his dad and he hasnt seen him in over a year an a half his dad's choice) short of telling him that his dad needs major healing & help from doing drugs & alcohol I do not want my son to go down that path because he really is a good kid (and no his father does not help in anyway with raising him even thought the courts have ordered him to and my biggest fear for my son is getting into drugs right now)

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