A Moment of Time Blmoon

  • Can you please give me a reading with regard to an ex-love who has recently returned to my life after nearly a decade. I always appreciate the insight from the readings I receive here and they have helped me a great deal in turning my life around to a more positive and productive mode. I had no idea this person would ever re-emerge in my world but here they are again as has been the case for at least the last 25 years. I wonder what truly brought them back into my life this time and if the new beginning we have talked about attempting is a real possibility or is it just the both of us trying to recapture that which can no longer be? My date of birth is 2/23/65 at 6:23 p.m. and his birthdate is 12/26/50 (time uknown) Thank you.

  • I'm short on time but did get a very strong bit of info---you are both at very different junctures in your lives and your needs and expectations are not in sinc. I feel he is the dominating energy--his is a bit desperate for time--spirit shows me a racing clock. He has never been much for "thinking too much" about his place in life--he has been impulsive---if it feels good do it--free--free free---a child at times and enjoyed attention---he's a charmer---sweet but slippery to hold on to! Women get angry at him but in his presence it all melts as he is very pleasing--fun--good hearted. He has a Pisces influence somewhere in his chart that draws you to him in a very magnetic way--but you have somewhere a contradiction to your dreamy fish nature--a terra firma influence--in fact you are now more than ever drawn to calmer waters so you reflect a lot on HIS past nature and what drove you crazy--but you detect a change in him yet can't really get yourself to trust it as you know how his presence disarms you. He's under a racing clock--looking for anchors suddenly and reminiscing on the "ones" who where grounded but he could not be grounded---it is not his nature--he is more open eyed at the moment but you must be aware that your relationship will end up being more about him than you--so be careful to not repeat past mistakes of putting your own journey on hold for other's needs. You can learn something from this if you use this obstacle to beef up your "no" power and being more true to your needs but it is going to take much awareness and detachment at times--AND resisting that magnetic charm thing he has goin on. This is very much a free will choice--not destiny. BLESSINGS!

  • As always, thank you so much for your time and insight. I am always amazed at the accuracy of the information I receive. At present, he is upset with me for speaking up for myself and needs in contrast to his "me, me, me" way of communicating. It's that "no" power I've come to embrace of late that is getting in the way of his ability to dominate my time and feelings that has him, for the moment, shutting me out. Before I did as you stated and put my own journey on hold to be there for him in every way conceivable. Now that time has passed and I have turned my love and focus upon myself (also with the assistance of this forum) he isn't very happy that I haven't fallen back into that same old pattern that used to work for him but ultimately was one of the reasons we parted last time. When you do have more time, could you offer insight as to whether or not he will give thought to concede some of his need to be the dominating energy, see things from my perspective and adjust somewhat to make things more balanced between us?

  • One more question Blmoon if you please and when you have the time to respond...is there any hope of me connecting with someone whom I can actually have a satisfying and fulfilling romantic relationship with? One of my earlier readings (I believe by the Captain) told me to focus on self-love and facing my own issues and dealing with them and to not crave a man right now. I have followed this path pretty closely since the start of the new year and am proud of the progress I have made within. It has been a very worthwhile experience and continues to remain so with each passing day. However, I at some point would like to know there truly is someone out there for me. I have dated a few men here and there but nothing serious and no one that has kept me from my staying true to myself and keeping the focus of making my life happy for and because of me. I was just wondering if this is a possibility I can look to down the road?

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