Blmoon-Hey! Long Time-In Need of Insight?

  • Ive been feeling very frazzled about my current situation regarding the boredom I feel and occasional loneliness. I want to just get on with my adventures and I feel Ive been patient but my patience is wearing pretty thin only because I was supposed to go to Miami soon but now Im not sure when (I feel Im going and will still try to go) only because of this current loan situation where I need another co signer (I dont have any credit and my dad does but itsbad). All my friends are away (I dont blame them for going away to college) but I feel so alone after a while because all I do is work and handle my buisness and study (for my license) and babysit rarely anything in between and Ive met some ok ppl here in TX but no one that I can really hang with so it really sucks. I just want to go off somewhere and just go crazy and have a good time really badly. This has been going on for months and it makes it worse I barely have money so its always a battle. Any insight Blmoon?

  • If you need any more insight to my situation here is the link right here:

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