Blmoon-Hey! Long Time-In Need of Insight?

  • Ive been feeling very frazzled about my current situation regarding the boredom I feel and occasional loneliness. I want to just get on with my adventures and I feel Ive been patient but my patience is wearing pretty thin only because I was supposed to go to Miami soon but now Im not sure when (I feel Im going and will still try to go) only because of this current loan situation where I need another co signer (I dont have any credit and my dad does but itsbad). All my friends are away (I dont blame them for going away to college) but I feel so alone after a while because all I do is work and handle my buisness and study (for my license) and babysit rarely anything in between and Ive met some ok ppl here in TX but no one that I can really hang with so it really sucks. I just want to go off somewhere and just go crazy and have a good time really badly. This has been going on for months and it makes it worse I barely have money so its always a battle. Any insight Blmoon?

  • The grass is always greener on the other side. Your discontent has nothing to do with place or people. That's why you are stuck---and will remain stuck untill you can master living in the moment---feeling a gratefulness as is and taking responsability for your happiness. You are very impatient and focus so much on what you don't have you are unaware of what is in front of you. This Miami idea is a big distraction and you have asked repeatedly about that--and no answers--because it will never meet your expectations. Your desires do not always aline with your lessons---you want to lead--be in controll---but life asks more from you as you are impatient and want to skip the learning part and just leap to the goal. Treasure the journey--that's what life is. This may sting a bit--but you have a war in you between wanting to be a leader but not wanting to grow up--You are back in forth on the fence---you want big grown up things but you do not want the hard part--the weight of responsability and the personal investment of laying a foundation. You know you are special--can feel the possabilities but are impatient. You need to build towards that place. You have the passion--the desire and the talent but there is a learning element missing to get you there----patience patience patience--that is the word I keep hearing. Do your best in this moment and let lead you to the next---work hard and people notice. This is the reality --mature--adult part NOTHING WORTH HAVING COMES EASY! Right now you are looking for some outside person place or thing to fill you up. Problem with that is then your happiness is never in your controll. That's an anxiouse place to be. Be your best right now--were you live and the rest will take care of itself. Also, being of service will give you wisdom and a sense of gratefulness---the gift of feeling blessed. Perspective is everything. Again, count your positives and resist focusing on some big event you can't get. You have to let go to receive. Pray on the Miami thing and let it go---trust that the universe knows best and accept that. If it doesn't pan out--maybe it's not the dream you think it is. BLESSINGS!

  • I will pray on it and it go. I've done that befroe with other things I guess I can do that with this. I'm not saying I don't appreciate your advice but Im very grateful ad thankful for my experience and I feel blessed for growing and learning. It's mainly the boredom I feel that gets to me most . I rarely get botheredby being alone but wen I do it's because Ido miss talking to people and having fun with my friends. Not that I don't talk to people now it's just I don't get to really hang out orhave fun all I do is work and that's fine I just need occasional fun with others at times not to say I don't have fun by myself or find ways to do so. I think my biggest thing is patienc and I don't know why Ive been really impatient these pastfew days. I focus on the positive alot of times whydid I forget to remember et that maybe that can help 🙂

  • You are not failing--call it managing. To be aware is the key--very rarely do any of us cure for good our shadow sides we just recognize it and make a choice. Boredom is usually not an "adult" state of mind. Really, you very rarely hear an older person saying they are bored. It is a youthful perspective. I remember those feelings well---but underneath that boredom was my lack of patience! I can look back now and see that those times were more frustration--I wanted my future faster! I knew I was meant for more but felt frustrated at not being able to grab it yet. If you are feeling bored you are still a bit stuck inbetween youthful carefree perspective and adult focus and discipline. Most adults will say --boredom? Are you kidding? Lord just give more time in a day and I have got plenty of things I'd be loving. Responsability is a drag----it is that big leap in maturity. I suspect you are lonely with yourself--and crave the distraction of others to drown out your disapointment in your life right now. At my age, if I even get a hint of boredom it is a sign that I've taken a wrong turn and lost myself a bit---too many distractions and not enough purpose. Ask any mother here how they feel when their kids whine--mom we are bored! That's because children do not get that they are blessed with time and little responsability and adults have too much responsability and little time. Finding your bliss means trying things out--nothing is going to knock at your door. You need a goal--or several goals--longterm reality check in laying foundations for the future. This is a time for developing DISCIPLINE---you have big dreams and many talents---so do a million of others. What sets each apart is not talent but discipline--fortitude and coping skills. A thick skin for getting knocked down but getting back up. Choose a subject or goal and take it to the max--start building personal power and discipline so when opportunity does cross your path it will take notice. You say one of your goals is modeling? How about working on your body--the disipline of sculpting perfection---you know that world is all about perfection. Perfection takes daily discipline and goals. Work for it! That's the big message for you now--work for it. I'm sure you have other interests---start taking them to the max---learn discipline--if you want to be up there with the stars you must think competitive----develope that trait now. The bigger the dream--the goal--the harder you have to work. I really think part of you knows that but you are putting it off---that's normal. It is human nature to start that hard work "tomorrow". Get cracking Asia118x---in the adult world no mommy or daddy or teacher is going to pull you ahead--you are responsable for your own discipline. Crack the whip! Instant gratification is for the moment---working hard for a dream is solid foundation---work hard and the world will notice. BLESSINGS!

  • Blmoon can you assert your insight my way please and wish me blessings?

  • Thanks Blmoon! I definetly take this to heart I just rested and thought to myself last night and cried this morning feeling the disappointment but inside my heart I couldnt give up not for one second. And as much as I hate to say this, I dont think Im going to be going to Miami in July. There is way to much rushing and frustrations involved with going around that time not to mention the hardship. It hurts a little but I will keep going. I already have my plan installed to and really thought it through. Ive decided to stay in TX for 2-4 months and just really get disciplined and be practical about this. Im going to look for scholarships, and build credit (so I can get a loan without a co signer-I dont have any willing or eligible) as well as get another job and save some money because my one job isnt cutting it. In the mean time I will be calling photographers and perfecting my body for modeling (not to say it doesnt look good lol). This plan works because I will already have my license and car (car coming soon) and have time to transfer my job over into Miami not only that I will be applying out to jobs in Miami so I can have 2 jobs by the time I go out there.

    I really dont want to be here any longer but Im willing to work my way up to the goal to the best of my ability regardless of how hard it is.Seems like a good plan?

  • What do you see for me in the future as far as this plan is concerned?

  • 🙂 Hey Blmoon what script do you think is best for me to stick to? I usually try to do a couple at once because I have insipirations and new ideas for each one but it usually ends up with me never finishing either. Im trying but Im trying to know which one is good to finish first?

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