• Hello Blmoon,

    Just wanted to give some feedback on the things you told me a little over a month ago. I only thought of it this morning, but yesterday afternoon 'something of my old self re-appeared and startled me'. An old friend reached out and it was a surprise, a very pleasant one. But it did bring back some very old regrets. Things that have always made me feel that I "made a mistake".

    Also, Antelope is coming to me now. He is preparing me to take action. To take courage and "leap". As you (and spirit) pointed out to me 🙂

    Much love & light to you Blmoon for sharing these messages with me in the first place.


  • Thank you--Always good to hear that spirit made an "impression". And you decided to excercise your free-will and make a good choice. That really is the point behind a reading. Not to solve our problems for us--answer all our questions but to guide us and give us a little heads up validation for bumps in the road ahead. BLESSINGS!

  • hi 🙂

    could you do a reading for me at this time? You have presence....looking forward to being in contact with you.

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