Would Anyone Mind Doing A Reading? Piscean Healer Or Anyone?

  • Hi Ive havent really been actively looking for reading until yesterday but I just wanted a reading to help clear my mind its a bit frazzled today but Im not frustrated just many thoughts fleeting around inside my head-if you need any insight to what some of these thoughts consist of it would be getting my driving license soon, my ex (Ive feel Ive let him go for the most part and havent really thought of him that much) for some reason Ive dropped him but some piece still remains (possibly because he was my first love) but I feel a message from him coming soon and Im not even sure if I will really want it, and then their is the Miami situation-I havent found a loan (I just need another cosigner for the one I applied for with my dad and I dont know who to turn to) ? Can anyone do a spread for me on all of these so I can be clear?

    And one other thing how do I get intouch with my angels? I wonder what they are saying to me?

  • And btw Im strong and I know I can fight through all these thoughts (just need guidance so I can learn to deal with it better) and have been doing quite lovely but I sincerly feel like can be better. Ive accomplished alot of my personal goals-Im rejuvanated, alot stronger than I used to be and happier. I worked through alot of my childhood issues by digging really deep into myself ever since Ive been on this site, Im just ready to get on with life! And have fun and really pursue adventures and good times and that has been really lacking in my state. I dont have a car and all of my friends are out of state so I just continue to handle my buisness and pursue dreams (writing, creating a blog for artists like myself, drawing etc)and dream of the bright future that I know is coming so close I can touch it but its slightly out of my reach.

  • The biggest issue for you right now is to learn how to maintain balance. You have a tendency to be a bit "all over the place" and need to find your calm, centered self. You are also learning about dedication, commitment, and delayed gratification - you want everything NOW. Your life is just beginning, so slow down a bit and enjoy the ride. Emotional maturity is what is coming through very strongly. Don't take this in a bad way - this is indicative of your age and you are just going through the process of growing up. You need to focus more on the practical steps to take in order to reach your dreams instead of just living with your head in the clouds. Focus on taking these practical and logical steps each day - as small as they may be - and you will eventually get there. It's also important to understand that a positive attitude is a way of being regardless of the circumstances you find yourself in...it's not necessarily a magic wand that will make your dreams come to fruition as if dropped out of the sky. Without you taking the daily action steps, the manifestation will not occur. So take your positive attitude and apply it to the circumstances you are in right now. You say you don't like anyone there in Texas. I find it hard to believe that the entire state is filled with unlikable people. Find a way to accept where you are and be accepting of others - be positive in this respect. Also learn from your past mistakes. The issue you have of not-so-good credit....have you learned from this experience? Your friends have not "abandoned" you, they have just gone off to start their college experience and you are feeling left behind simply because you have not started your experience yet. Use the disappointment to fuel you to take those daily action steps to correct it. Don't expect others to "rescue" you - YOU are in charge of your life. There's an energy that comes through on all of your posts that screams "somebody please save me!" You are struggling with the fear of not being able to take care of yourself. This I'm sure has been reflected in your relationships where you want the other person to make you feel safe and secure and you probably end up giving your power away. So, once again, try to find balance. Calm yourself. Understand that things take time. And you have plenty of it!!

  • Thank you watergirl. Im just upset at how I planned for all of this over the course of 4 months and all of a sudden this loan hits me in the face last minute. I have many plans before that have all backfired and Ive learned my lesson and I was pretty careful with this Miami plan so Im trying my best to be patient but it is wearing thin at times especially when I cant be as productive as I can be sometimes. Ive met some cool ppl here in TX but not really none I can hang out with-so it really kind of sucks. Ive learned from alot from all of my mistakes and I feel this website along with some inner searching I have completely transformed into another person. I feel I can take care of myself I just hate feeling so dependent at the moment I dont really want to give out that energy (sorry for that). Im taking steps so it wont be that way but I really want to do something and do it now-go on a date, have fun, go to a party do something!!! I just feel limited

  • Asia,

    What comes to mind is "Expect the best and prepare for the worst."

    Is the loan you need really something that hit you in the face or was it something you just failed to prepare for? What I mean to say is, when you applied for the scholarship or whatever it was, were you clear on what the possible outcome(s) would be? Were you just assuming that housing would be included? I don't bring this up as a way to chastise you, just as an example of being responsible for yourself and preparing for all possible outcomes. You have the summer to prepare now. If money is an issue then get a couple of jobs and postpone the partying and having fun until later. That is part of the delayed gratification message.

    Also, when manifesting your dreams, be mindful that it is much easier for manifestation to occur from a relaxed state of being - projecting fear and anxiety has a tendency to push our dreams away. This speaks to the being balanced and finding your center message.

    Sooooo, I feel the lesson is to do everything that is in your power to do and then "let go and let God." This envelops both the delayed gratification and being centered message.



  • Asia, I am getting much the same as WG. The Queen song I want it all (and I want it now) comes to mind. Be mindful of the energy you are giving out. What's your inner language like at the moment? What is going through your mind? Because what you write in your posts, and the energy you are giving off don't match up. I feel as if I want to tap my foot impatiently, waiting and waiting for something to happen and wondering why the he.. it hasn't happened yet.

    There is an element of desperation to it all. And there's no need to apologise for that. Just be aware of it and be honest with yourself. A lot of the stuff you want I feel you expect it to be handed to you. But the words you reap what you sow comes to mind.

    As for the things you are working towards, in my personal experience if you are meeting with a lot of frustration and blockages then the Universe is trying to tell you this is not the right path for you. For Miami, I agree with WG: expect the best, prepare for the worst.

    Patience Asia. You won't get what you want overnight or even within one year. You are young and have the majority of your life yet to live. You have come a long way. Achieved a lot, but the journey is FAR from over.

    Also realise that you have to work for what you want. Apart from a few instances of "blind" luck, you'll never get things just land in your lap or handed to you on a silver platter. What you will get are opportunities. It's up to you to seize them before they pass. Right now you are missing plenty of opportunities because you are too caught up in what you haven't got. The 5 of Cups comes to mind - look up from your "spilled milk" you have so much more going for you.

    Love & light to you Asia,


  • Asia,

    I was doing my house cleaning and something came to mind that I wanted to share with you...

    A very wise person once told me that there is a price to pay for EVERYTHING in life. The price is not necessarily monetary. As an example, my niece wanted to take a year "or so" to travel through Europe. She had already done a post-graduation summer in Europe. She wanted to go back. Her parents were fighting her on this tooth and nail. I simply said to her, "As long as you are going into it aware of the price you will pay and are willing to pay it, then do it." She got a confused look on her face and asked me what price she would be paying. My niece is very driven, wants everything and wants it now. And, as part of her generation, she doesn't want to work her way to the top - thinks she should just be at the top now because she got a Bachelor's degree. I explained that if she took two years to explore Europe, that it would undoubtedly be a great experience, but she would also have to understand that when she returned all of her friends would be two years into their career and she would be starting at the bottom. The final question was, "is this a price you are willing to pay?" She thought about it for a while and decided not to go.

    You are at the threshold between being a child and growing into adulthood. Part of you wants the success of your adulthood - finding your path and achieving your desires. Another part of you still wants to be a child and just party, have fun, do what you want to do when you want to do it, and not have to bide your time and work hard to achieve your goals.

    Another personal example is about me. I went back to college to obtain a new degree when I was 39. I had a full time, 70-plus hour a week job and went to school at night. Left the house at 7am and got home at 11pm. Worked on Saturday and Sunday as well. No days off. No time for fun. But it was the price I had to pay for earning the degree I wanted. One day, I had an hour between work and school that I normally did not have the luxury of. I stopped at a pub near the University and ordered an iced tea, but was struggling with actually going to class that night. A gentleman came in and sat next to me and we began to chat. Very nice man with kind eyes and a fatherly presence to him. I told him of my inner struggle that day. He just looked at me, smiled with his kind eyes and said, "Well, we don't always get to do what we want to do." I started to laugh - he was so right! My inner child had been pouting and I realized I needed to suck it up and go. In retrospect, I don't think he was a man at all - I think he was an angel that assumed the identity of a man for a moment to help me on my way!

    You need to develop patience, perseverance, and the wisdom to understand what you want and what price you have to pay for it. This doesn't mean you don't get to have any fun. You just need to understand that at times we need to set priorities in life if we want to achieve our goals. Also, after you have taken your action steps and do the "let go and let God" thing, keep yourself open to the possibility of your dreams looking different than you think they do now. If you keep your mind filled with all the things you think you want or need, there is no room for the Universe to provide something better. I know this is a lot to digest, but another big life lesson is to learn when you need to work hard to overcome obstacles in life and when to realize that the obstacles are being thrown in your way because it is not the right path for you.



  • Thank you so much for your imput guys! It helps look at this from another perspective and realize I do need to stop and learn to sacrifice even if it isnt what I want to do all the time-to really get what I want. I know everything is not easily attained even through blood, sweat and tears (good band by the way lol)-how did I forget that?- By focusing on the wrong things when I need to continue to focus on the positives regardless of what situation Im in. I cant give up, not now I have a promising future why mess it up with a little disappointment. I think Im going to just pray on it tonight and stop worrying about it and pursue it with more practical steps instead of radical so I can stop rushing the ex[erience. Yeah theres a price to pay but the reward is much sweeter 🙂

    @PisceanHealer-I guess you are right about the energies Im giving out huh? So here is inside to my inner psyche about this situation: the way I feel inside is partly the way you described my impatience (the tapping of the foot lol and the Queen song), I feel Ive worked enough to go (I know theres more but to work for but I want to experience that and go to college) and I want to start my college adventure to because I know greater things await and I really want to pursue my goals no matter how hard it takes. I guess I feel impatient because I was supposed to be preparing to go the last few weeks of June to go in July (not to mention I was certain and told everyone about it) and now I have no idea when or how all I know is I will try and stop at nothing to go but want to know the best time to. It stings only because most of my plans to go to college were ruined one way or another especially when I tell people when Im going then I feel like a failure or embarrased (more so than failure) when I go back on my word and they out there experiencing life. I feel I learned alot why cant I put it to the test like them and alot of them are less mature than I am lol! Then I want to prove to my family wrong and show them I can make and act on my own decisions and be independent and successful not that I live in the house with my mom and my two younger cousins going to college before me. I dont feel like Im doing it for them but it doesnt hurt to prove em wrong lol.

    By the way, patience (Gosh that Mars and Mercury in Aries can be powerful just kidding but it made sense-not blaming the stars, just seemed interesting, on top of that my dad is even more impatient than me but I can assure you Im alot better than he is trust me lol) is something I have struggled with all my life Ive gotten better in some ways but it needs alot more work and polishing if you ask me lol. I really want to be more patient though 🙂

  • 🙂 Hey guys I slept and rest last night and thought for minute. I cried this morning too but I realized I still dont want to give up I think Im still going but dont know how but I will try anything because this loan is the only thing standing in my way. @Watergirl the loan issue came last minute because they gave me the wrong financial aid plan where everything was covered but a few weeks later my admissions officer told me they didnt do it right because they didnt show me all of the cost for the year with housing. Everything else was paid for but the housing wasnt. It stings when I think about it and it gives me a really big sense of disappointment and embarrasment. Even when I did cry today I didnt want to give up because I love nothing else but film and I cant settle for less just because of this. Im going to look into other options today. Hope I find something 🙂

  • You are doing the right thing Asia. Crying to let it out and to cleanse your spirit, while still having the determination to continue. Good for you! 🙂

    Check all the fine print. Don't be embarrassed to ask all the questions that pop into your mind. And don't fret over any setbacks. The Universe always moves forward and you along with it, and you will always end up where you need to be.

  • Well Piscean Healer, thank you for that although I keep crying periodically lol well I just came up with 3 plans and this one seemed like the best one to me:

    As much as I hate to say this, I dont think Im going to be going to Miami in July. There is way to much rushing and frustrations involved with going around that time not to mention the hardship. It hurts a little but I will keep going. I already have my plan installed to and really thought it through. Ive decided to stay in TX for 2-4 months and just really get disciplined and be practical about this. Im going to look for scholarships, and build credit (so I can get a loan without a co signer-I dont have any willing or eligible) as well as get another job and save some money because my one job isnt cutting it. In the mean time I will be calling photographers and perfecting my body for modeling (not to say it doesnt look good lol). This plan works because I will already have my license and car (car coming soon) and have time to transfer my job over into Miami not only that I will be applying out to jobs in Miami so I can have 2 jobs by the time I go out there.

    I really dont want to be here any longer but Im willing to work my way up to the goal to the best of my ability regardless of how hard it is.

    What does the cards say about my future in Miami if I keep this plan up?

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