Do they miss me? please help

  • Hi,

    My details 01 april 1982 .My husband had a difference of opinion with my family members,so my family members stopped talking to me.I want to know if my family is missing me and will i re-unite with them.Please im depressed can someone help predicting the situation.Thanking you in advance.

  • Dear si12,

    Thank you for your posting. I asked your angels what they could tell me about this situation, and they want you to know that you hold the cards to fix the situation. You have a very stubborn family they say, and they let emotions rule (from their heads) rather than their heart rule which is what matters. Too much time has been lost they say over a petty difference when you look at an entire lifetime of living. Life is so very short here...and you are here to learn important lessons just as your family is here to learn theirs. Not talking to each other is childish and doesn't serve your life purpose in the least. From anyone's side.

    Of course your family misses you, dear one, your angels say. You are them. You are part of them. And they are part of you. What you have to decide is what is your truth. What is your heart tugging at you to do? We already know the answer because your highest spirit is pulling you back towards your roots. Listen to your own intuitive self. It is calling you.

    You have been in a place with no movement your angels say. You wait for your family to make the first move towards you, yet they are waiting for you to do the same. To what end has all of this animosity been a success? Has it created the life you dream of? Of course it hasn't. To right the wrongs, you have to make the first step. Why? Because you will. Because you will listen to your angels and their divine guidance, and realize that whatever you are afraid just fear blown up out of proportion.

    Are you afraid they will distance themselves from you again? We can tell you they will not. But we cannot force you to contact them. You have the right to make your own choices. We strongly urge you to connect with them...and follow your own gut feelings about the best way to do that. For in them, lie us, and we will help guide you back on track with them.

    Depression is a state that you can change. By simply choosing life. Choosing love. Choosing to live and follow your heart rather than living in fear. Living in hiding. And living where we are not. Which is in your heart.

    We are with you every single day. Call on us to be with you and help you. We LOVE to help! So let us. But sometimes you have to step out of the way so we can come in and help without your own "interference". We say this with as much love as we have to give you, because meddling and more meddling makes our jobs harder. You understand what we mean.

    Angel blessings to you!

    Miss Beth

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