Would someone do a reading for me please? Confused & Fed up in love & Work life

  • My info: Candy, DOB: Dec 10, 1973. Born in HongKong. China. Moved to US in 1995. Currently in Naples, FL.

    Career: My boss has just gotten fired last week. I was his right handed person for the last 2 years but I haven't been chosen to be the interim. Please read for me if I will be promoted? Let go? Find another employment elsewhere? I am also contemplating starting my business? Is it happening one day?

    Love life: What is installed for me in my love department? Such as When will I meet that special someone who appreciate me as who I am and just be happy with me and want to spend a life long together? Or am I destined to be a old maid who dies alone eventully?

    MY EX (Clay, DOB: jan 17, 1963) I gave up my career in Dallas TX as a director of a nationally known nonprofit agency and sold my house in 2008 to move to naples, FL for Clay. One month after I moved in with him, I lost the engagement ring that he gave me. Subsequently he found out he has prostate cancer, then I was pregnant..... our relationship since I moved to naples in 2008 has consistently been roller coaster. He couldn't stop cheating with women throughout our relationship. Talking with women on dating websites, romatic and flirtatious emails with married and single coworkers (educators in public school). I moved out in Jan 2010. Last breakup for good was Nov 2010. We have tried 6 different therapists...but nothing seemed work. I have given up since our last breakup but I know I truly loved him despite all of the drama, even my suicidal attempts. We have a beautiful daughter (Cleasia: 5/17/2009). Will he ever come back to me and be faithful and happy with me again?

  • Ok, you show no control or confidence and trust in yourself.No one can tell you when and if. I can say this; when you trust in your inner voice, stop doubting, gain clear direction and focus, et worthy boundaries, values and beliefs thats when you will be capable of manifesting a love life and ideal career. Your doubting energy and lack of will to choose yourself wil cause failure, so change your attitude and stop doubting causing negetive energy. That will increase your energy and attitude which will effect your future in your job placement. holding the energy of self personal power and direction is what gets you success. I do not think that past lover is coming back. You are in dillusion. Past suicide attemps and him being unfaithfull tells me so. You will only attract unfaithfull lovers becuase they do not know what they want and are not emotionally or mentally stable to have a secure mature relationship. If you are confused, doubting, seeking mediums for answers that is all you will attract until you gain control over your self, emotions and thoughts to obtain self trust and clarity. I reccomend getting secure and happy along with self control and will first. I thi nk a proffessional counselor once a week would be great. I think anyone can benefit form a therapist.

    Dont forget that astro changed their signs again...hmmmmm and each person has about four numerology numbers sun sign rising sign, acedent and decent..that all contradict another...You must claim your own identity first by your own influence and that only, set worthy boundaries, values. beliefs and goals....then you will rid the scattered energy and attract centered people.

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