Looking for insight please. Can anyone help?

  • I was involved with a guy for nearly two years. I recently left the relationship because he was growing more and more emotionally abusive. It was such a change for him. I do not know what happened to him that made him change. I do not wish him back. I just wish I knew what happened to him to make him turn on me Can anyone do a reading for me and maybe give me some insight? He is a gemini and I am a libra.

    I really would appreciate it.

    Thank you.l

  • Hello simplyjustme,

    You may never truely know this answer unless you ask him why his feelings changed toward you. I feel you had been living together for awhile and that you were the breadwinner most of the time or made more money than he did, and was he a bit younger than you or at least emotionally. He did not want to grow along with you and when people refuse to grow or change than they will get mad and angry at who is doing the asking or telling in this case it was you.

    You can look at this experience as just that, a life love expereince, next time you will have the choice of having learned something from this affair and looking for a man with different traits and desires , or to choose a man just like the one that left you. I hope you will make the better choice next time, and I feel that you will.

    Best Wishes,


  • Thank you for responding. Yeah we did live together for awhile and I did make more money then he did and yes he was a little younger then me! Only thing is, he is really stubborn and you cannot tell him to do anything because he won't unless he wants to. I wish I could ask him tho why but we are no longer communicating.

    Thank you so much Vickie!


  • That's quite clear to me - because he was feeling that you were in charge and his male ego couldn't stand it. Some men are like that - they can't be with the woman who is more successful then they are, they develop an inferiority complex and grow resentful towards you.

  • Thanks VoplySoply. You are right too but I was not the one in charge. He controlled everything. I just couldn't handle how he was treating me anymore because it was pretty bad.

  • Do either of you know how he is now? How he feels about what happened?

  • Hello simplyjustme,

    He feels badly believe it or not, he is angry mostly at himself because now his life is a bit harder than it was living with you. He may get back in touch with you in a few weeks. He has to mature some and will with time. Now, he has some hard lessons to learn. He reminds me of the type of man that will choose a young woman with not much experience so that he can have total control, than when or if she grows up and rebells against him, he again will be left behind in the love arena. Hope that he will wake up and grow up or seek some help to make him understand why he has to have control.

    You yourself should just keep on moving ahead and ask yourself the question as to why you let him have so much control and than when you deceided to stand up for yourself it was a bit to late?


  • Thank you Shuabby. What you said helps alot.


  • In any astro sign it does not talk about ones ability to have a relationship concerning mind, emotional and physical well being.Many people are not even aware of their emotional abuse, emotional abuse is even internalized by the victem. Emotional abuse can be used advertantly or inadvertantly for control or power. It is never personal, its always a resonance from within a person. It often can be a natural reaction or coping mechanism to ones own inner turmoil. I would not reccomend dating guys much younger. A females clock runs much faster than a males:) Its common sense to know what he is feeling, what you feel from his abuse is a reflection of what causes it, his inside. Whatever you felt from his "abuse" at the moment of its occurance is what he is feeling. Can you think of anything that brought you to attract a male like this? Relationships are often a reflection of ourselves somehow. Forgetting him and looking at centering you is the way to get ahead. Assessing him is pulling you back in the past, you need to look at you. )

  • Thank you rapunzle444. I have been looking at myself alot lately. Believe me tho, he was not always like this. There was a dramatic change in him for the last few months. I had a feeling that he was projecting his feelings out on me. I was just hoping he would tell me what had happened because we were really close.

  • Shuabby does he even miss me? Or is he still just wrapped up in himself? If he calls do I even answer or just ignore?


  • I wanted to thank everyone that answered my post. I thought alot about what everyone said to me and about myself. I just wish this feeling I am having would go away. Would make it easier to move on.

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