Taurus woman with gemini man

  • does anyone know about gemini men?

  • Gems are fun, generous, kind but fickle according to their horoscope. They appear fickle minded because they are super analytical weighing things over and over. They usually see more deeply what is happening before them because they could equally see all sides of a situation. Chances are that they are just. They do not lie, that is, they will tell you how they feel about you honestly at that moment. But when the brain starts thinking they feeling starts moving. Yes, they get distracted easily and that is because they are super curious people. I think, too, contrary to the norm according to the cards, they know how to fall in love despite the confusing cob webs on their minds that pose varying ideas about their feelings for the loved one. The love persist and won't go away. At that level gem realizes who his real love is among many potential partners wanting him/her. All this is due to the twin influencing or torturing the mid of every gem.

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