My Journey needs some council:(please, its been awhile

  • Hi, this is not like me to ask for help, on the public board and I'm going to push aside my EGO i really need to to hear answers and to see what others are picking up from me if anything...I am a Leo born August 10,1960.

    love and light to all



  • Though i have had readings done on this form, but its been quite sometime ago, just though i would mention that:




  • Hi Shee,

    This is what I see...

    In the recent past and present there is a sense of disillusionment and/or discontent, a lack of emotional equilibrium and not wanting to face the "reality" of a situation. You are definitely at a place of conclusion of a matter, but struggling with it.

    Your challenge is to move away from what has been stressing you - a conflict and/or difficulties. This is needed in order to calm your mind and start some much needed beneficial change in your life. Start by facing whatever illusions you may have about the situation. Step into the "light" and face things as they are. Accept that it is time to let go. For the time being, you need to allow rational thought to dominate your feelings in order to make the right decision.

    This feels like it is about relationship, but also about a possible change of residence or some sort of relocation. Just trust in this process and let go of your fear. As Julie Andrews said in the Sound of Music, "When God closes a door, somewhere he opens a window!"

    Much love sister,


  • Sheila, I asked my animal guides what you need to do and they said to smoke a bong... Nah just kidding LOL. Down Coyote! Bad boy 😉

    I did a Medicine Wheel spread for you Sheila and this is what I got.

    The card in the East: Your spiritual strength. The direction your spiritual path is taking and the major challenge to seeing clearly in your present situation - Hawk. How very apt that the challenge to seeing clearly is also the solution. Hawk is asking you to soar above your life and to observe. Become emotionally detached as much as you possibly can.

    You have the gift of being able to see a situation clearly, but only when you take the observer's "neutral position". Release your emotional baggage. It's only weighing you down now Sheila and preventing you from flying. From soaring. Set your spirit free.

    The card in the South: The animal that is teaching your inner child. What you need to trust in yourself and what you need to nurture as you go through this growing process - Wolf. Again, very apt. The animal teaching your inner child is the "teacher" herself. Wolf is the pathfinder, she wants you to follow her. She will lead you safely. Trust in her. The exact place is known only to you and your Wolf guide. It is a place of personal power, somewhere that rejuvenates you, refreshes you. It is likely to be a place of solitude where no other person can interrupt you.

    When you go there, enter the silence. Meditate and listen to your intuition. Your inner teacher. And get in touch with your inner child.

    The card in the West: The internal solution to your present situation/challenge - Grouse (contrary). Your life is spiralling out of control. You may actually feel that your energy is scattered, unfocused, or just circling the drain. You need to regain control of "you". To do this you need to ground yourself. Connect to Mother Earth. Dance, walk, do whatever it is you normally do to ground yourself. Once you do, you'll find your energy starts to flow in the right direction again.

    The card in the North: How you may spiritually apply and integrate the lessons of the other directions - Skunk. This is a very straightforward message about respect. You haven't been respecting yourself, so others haven't been respecting you. Remember that through our words, deeds, and actions we create a reputation. That reputation will dictate the kind of people and circumstances that are attracted into our lives.

    Simply put; if you want others to respect you, then start by respecting yourself. Walk your talk, regain your power, and your rightful reputation will soon follow.

    The Sacred Tree card (centre card): How your spiritual and physical selves have melded to form the "you" of the present moment - Lizard (contrary). You've lost sight of your dreams. There is a lot of inner conflict going on. Examine your current feelings and emotions, breathe through them so they can flow out of your body. In other words, confront your fears.

    Also make sure you are getting enough sleep, but above all, keep your dreams alive. You have the power within you to manifest those dreams into your waking life.

    Peace, love and light to you Sheila. If there's anything more I can do for you just ask 🙂


  • Thanks WG and PH,

    I really appreciate the time and energy you both took for some sound advice:)

    I will now go and smoke my siesta BONG and see if I can make sense of all of this lol!

    All kidding aside thank you.

    Marc, SH and i have discussed the skunk, "theres a funny story to that." one day i was sitting out side in my make shift office and what i thought was a skunk that was visiting me, turned out to be a ,as i realized my skunk was really a raccoon the next day a skunk appeared.

    My skunk left for a few days and now he is back not only in the cards but in my back yard once again!

    NO coincidences, but a reminder to me!


    Love and Light


  • Man, that hawk has some rough looking legs. You need to shave more often sweetie! 😉

    You're right, no coincidences. Raccoon teaches us how to see through illusions and masks. Including our own. "Raccoon will show how to transform yourself and bring to awareness how you act differently with the various people you encounter each day"

    ...I love animals...

    Love & light,


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