S.O.U.L Circle June 19th 2011 - What did you experience.

  • HAve to type fast so i don't forget lol.... was standing up, suddendly felt a tug at my arms and they started lifting up as though moving by themselves to the position of the attached image. Tingling all over like i was immersed in a force field, tug at cheast also and later as if my Spirit self was attracted upwards. I think i caught a glimpse of a blue azura light, not sure about it. Hands felt like energy "danced" in them. Near the end i think i saw a narrow band of red and orange color like fire and something in it, a sword maybe but not sure. Wow..

  • Hi Seehorse,

    I had forcefield feeling too, I could feel the energy coming into my crown chakra, moving through my body and leaving through my hands, heart chakra and feet. I saw the Earth and I had a sense of bands forming around it. different colors like blue, orange-ish like colors. I could feel others, but not see them. Unfortunately my children were making crashing and thumping noises outside my room, and I can't remember most of my experience because I was partially distracted. Of course, now they are being quiet (go figure). But it was a definite feeling of group togetherness for me. And it was a great experience.

  • I put a shield up of orange, pink and white to help transmute anything needed. I felt quite sluggishness this morning as if I have stayed in that in between state even after I woke up. I also worked with a violet flame to help me balance before entering at least I thought I did this before entering. I remember having this intense pressure in my temples and asked Marc for help. It's the first time I've tried to ask for assistance like that while meditating so I don't know how well it works but i felt this peaceful light come over me and then the pressure in my temples released.

    I woke up first thing this morning with a dream (I don't normally dream) about my ex-husband with some weird piercing in his back. Ki.d of left me off center so I tried a few methods to transmute to better center before meditation. All I can think of is maybe I was irritated from him not contacting out daughter for Father's day on a subconscious level.

    I hope I managed to still contribute well during the session. I was pretty deep so I am not sure.

    Love and light,


  • Hey when i closed my eyes a little tighter i saw light things forming something like the image i attach now, couldn't see clearly....is there anything like spiritual spectacles so i can see better lol

    gotta take the (noisy) kids to the park be back later, great experience, can't wait to hear other's input !

  • I just remembered, i felt intense tingling between shoulder blades too. damn alzheimers...

  • Hey all, good experiences so far. I felt kind of heavy, in my chest too.

    and sore some colours, but not sure, of it yet. when i was closing my eyes.

    head pressure, is definitely there, and my hands too, like someone was holding them.

    Think some tingling on shoulders, and around my head. and ears. lol- and though I'm not sure of the colours, i did see some blue light. I think anyway. and something like a flash image of glass windows. I don't know why, red, blue. yellow and white. i think they were. Though I'm not sure if that was it or not. Could have been concentrating too hard. Anyway, hope others experiences were okay too, looking forward to hearing the rest. Love and light Bee Xx

  • Okay, before I read anyone else's, this is mine as best as I can recall. (I did take notes this time immediately following.

    The angel card I pulled was again Sandalphon and “Victory”

    It was nice and calm. There was a build up of a ball of energy in my right hand this time. I again used the white Light Twister to sweep up the donated energy and whisk it away to the source.

    The overall color was deep red.

    In order I saw:

    Either a horseman or possibly firehorse blazing across the scene.

    A Bumble Bee.

    A Whale (Big Blue one)

    And finally either a phoenix or a Eagle with wings spread wide.

    Side note. In my personal meditation after I released my connections, I pulled some cards for myself. All but one referred to death, comfort for healing from things that have past, messages from those that have passed on, the change for rebirth by allowing for death, etc. Do not know why these were coming to me but I sure hope they are only of a symbolic nature.


  • Sounds like the cards point to rebirth. I sent you something on that last night strange enough. I've been coming through a rebirth of some sort....an intense one.

  • me too- Grey star, and Ibelieve- lots of health stuff going on, and all sorts. of crazy stuff 🙂

    havent been on much lately, thats why. 🙂 Love and light Bee Xx

  • Now that I have digested what everyone else said/felt.

    Seehorse…Yes I felt/had a thought that the deep red was for the heart. Don’t remember pressure but don’t know where the thought came from either. That feeling between your shoulder blades are your angelic wings unfuling.

    Greystar…I did the orange/pink/white thing as well before starting. Added a white over for all and I grounded/connected with earth and sky well this morning. Lots of pretty/soft/musical birdsong to go with it and throughout the meditation. I was not aware of any discordant sounds.

    Bee…I forgot to mention that there were lots of colors, like all the chakras but there was for me a predominance of red. No shoulder thing. There was one slight tremor in the right temple but I think it was before. I remember I just pressed on it and it went away. No shoulder thing but I did and still do have a knot like thing (not physical, just sensation) under my left armpit. I am still trying to dissipate it.

    Love and Light

  • Yes Greystar, I got it but haven't had time to digest or reply. But you could very well be right.

  • 🙂 thats cool i believe- 🙂 Its interesting what others are experiencing, dont forget to ground and clear yourself after, though your proberbly know that by now lol- 🙂 im sure it will go away, by the end of the day. I am glad your experiences where good. waiting on tooter. and risingphoenix, and my journey, and all the others experiences now. hope they took part- well of course i think they did.

    Anyway, of to have dinner now. Roast. and its fathers day. 🙂 My dads here which is nice for a change. Dont get to see him that much. Love and light Bee Xx

  • Blessings Bee,

    And yes I did ground and clear (may need to do a bit more of it as perhaps like greystar I was in deep.)

    So your reminder is twice blessed and quite timely indeed as I was just thinking of posting that thought and one that greystar stated in the email to me about drinking water. So I wanted to metion to everyone to make sure to drink extra water before and after the session to help cleanse your system.

    In addition, I had a thought this morning just before the session that we (if you can) should fast at least 1 hour before as this helps one to connect better. (the food weighs one down for ane and the digestion takes up a lot of energy.)


  • PHOENIX: A universal symbol of the sun, mystical rebirth, resurrection and immortality, this legendary red "fire bird" was believed to die in its self-made flames periodically (each hundred years, according to some sources) then rise again out of its own ashes. Linked to the worship of the fiery sun and sun gods such as Mexico's Quetzalcoatl, it was named "a god of Phoenecia" by the Phoenician. To alchemists, it symbolized the the destruction and creation of new forms of matter along the way to the ultimate transformation: physical (turn lead into gold) and spiritual (immortality - an occult alternative to the Christian salvation). The philosopher's stone was considered the key to this transformation.

    Fire destroys the old dead forest in order for new life to grow. Burns away what doesn't work (gotta love your x-men). Old ideas, religions, dogmas served their purpose, to bring mankind to the age of aquarius. Now the old phoenix dies and from it's ashes a new one is born, bringing New Light, New Life, New Ideals, A New world. I think we are witnessing its birth....

  • Well it's either that or what we saw was PH fooling around with his red lightsaber again......PH, go to your room ! rotflmao

  • SH,

    You could be right there!

    SO I got a water sign an air sign and 2 fire signs one which is air and the other earth? Of course, phoenix could be spirit as well and I’m not sure it was a firehorse but could have been one of the Horsemen but I knid of thought of you when I saw it.

    I’m gonna look up whale and Bee now, but do you have something on Firehorse?


  • Well i am glad you all are having good experiences ,the request i ask for was to see if you where picking up messages yet also i wanted to see if it is real , but no one who responded gave what i was asking for i was trying to talk to your higher selves and see if i was getting threw and in a way to confirm what i hear and see ,but i didn't get anything and i went threw the worst doubt and anger i have had since i have been here i hat to say it but i got to a point where i said that's it this is all a bunch of crap and i unloaded i was hurt angry disappointed i felt used misguided,used and made a fool of and that is how i feel about it .

    Then one thing i could not forget what had got me to this point and for the last 27 years the one who brought me to this dance ,that i can not denie and that is the truth as i know for sure . Every thing i am reading and seeing on the internet about these times every thing is changing and conflicting from when all this started like we are slowly being fed different information from what it started out as like now its nothing except with self improvement and now i am seeing like we will be changing 100s of years down the road , all the information coming now is nothing com paired to what i was told and shown, so to be honest i dont know anymore and i am very tired of going the ups and downs and even now there's nothing not one bit of truth for sure i can say and i want more i want proof i demand it for this to go further with me and i ask for it and as yet have not got anything .

    If they are going to play with my mind and tell me all these things and show me these things now i am asking for proof ,noting has came to be as it has been given to me as i truly know it here and unless i get something for sure i am out of here for good . The only thing that is changed right now for sure is i have a floater a blotch of black smears as i see it a quarter inch wide or round i see in my right eye that started about 4 days ago and i get a curved whit light like a string that flashes its white bright with a blue hue on each side and when i look in the mirror at my eyes my pupils are not round they are oblong this is kinda weir ding me out ,but also Tuesday i could see my hands like they where all light a tingling light like sparkling electricity white in each hand its like holding a hand full of diamonds with light shinning own them so go figure . Today nothing and as i have always said i dont tell these things to scare you or disappoint you or anything else just to inform what is going own with me .So i am back to my basic truth i know . Its like i dont know who what where or when to beleave anymore so i go to the one thing i know for sure Father in my simplest way i have be leaved in all these years .

    Love Tooter

  • When you mentioned Seehorse. I thought of Seehorse too. The fire spirit inside of him and the spunky nature of him.

    I've been walking into the flames like a phoenix lately. Three weeks I have felt the most intense death of self I've felt in a ling time. Finally, I quit being stubborn and started walking into the cleansing flames so to speak. This death I felt some kind of mourning for some reason which most of the other death and rebirths have not felt the same. Working with fire and flames seems natural being a fire sign. Working with water booths me in some way.

  • Tooter- something is telling me try again later. 🙂 let your thoughts calm down first,

    dunno where that came from but hay.- you think to much like me, and then expect it to happen straight away, im like that too. thats what we do. and thats ok. cause i know its normal. and okay for us to want things now. You dont always get things now though, only you need a little patients, which is hard for us too sometimes. i dont have much myself, 🙂 but im waiting. i dont mind, if its worth the wait, then it will be in the end okay. So tooter. try again later, if not later, try again tomorrow, right out all the thoughts of doubt and fear, and anger. on a piece of paper, and then burn it, or rip it up. and then, relax, and take a break. do something outside. You will proberbly know all this already, but sometimes its good for others to tell you too. theres nothing wrong with you, and it helps you to write out everything. enjoy fathers day, and play around a little. Relax, its not the end of the world yet. 🙂 Love ya tooter. Take Care. Love Bee Xx

  • ANGELIC WINGS?!! IBeleive, we definitely need more information on that one !!

    As for the "death and some kind of mourning" the thought that came to me was something i've read years ago on puberty psychology. The individual going from puberty to adulthood feels an inexplicable sadness sometimes. This is caused by the "death" of the "child inside" but it's the only way for the adult to be "born". Otherwise the individual is trapped in a pathological state of never growing up.

    Our old and "safe" ideas are about to die. To continue believing in them would be spiritual stagnation. The New Truth is about to unfold and for us to accept it we must evolve accordingly.

    We've all witnessed people who visit this forum and are spiritual infants. For some of us, it's the time we become spiritual adults. I remind everyone this is my personal interpretation, it doesn't mean it's necessarily true, ok ?. I just post my thoughts to be judged, enriched, further interpreted by anybody. I think the Circle is coming to a point where, as Tooter pointed out, all other "truths" out there fade away, contradict themselves, confusing us. Maybe it's time we stop listening to anything else and concentrate on what messages we receive as Circle of Light.

    I have read some other "truths" recently, and for me they are false. Some try to convince people they are special, above other humans, coming from freakin' andromeda or something. That's pride, vanity and for me it's false. Anyone who aspires to join the Great Spirit must free him/herself of this darkness of "i'm better than you". Real saviours were regarding themselves as servants of humanity, not self-proclaimed ascended masters or whatever. Jesus chose humble fishermen as His Apostles. Not kings or sages or rich people. Humbleness and a kind heart is the key to open the gates of Heaven. All prideful people are just lost souls in the dark of their own vanity.

    Well, just my personal views good people.

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