Tarot spread help

  • I recently did a future pregnancy spread,

    question : will me and present love interest get pregnant in the future and this is what i got

    Present - The magician

    crossing - four of swords

    above - nine of wands

    below - six of swords

    Past - four of cups

    before you - eight of pentacles

    where you will find yourself - the fool

    others - justice

    hopes and fears - five of swords

    outcome - knight of wands

    any help would be greatly appreciated 🙂

  • I'm not getting a definitive yes or no, but overall the situation looks very positive for getting pregnant. The Magician shows that you and your partner are ready to (pro)create 😉 but you are being asked (crossing - 4 of swords) to rest, recuperate, and take very good care of yourself.

    Make sure you are physically, emotionally, and mentally healthy. Get yourself checked out by your Doctor if needs be. It looks like you may be investing a lot of energy into this (9 of wands) and may not see any results for a while. Or at the very least you may not get pregnant when you want to.

    The opportunity is before you (8 of coins), but again there is an element of paying close attention to your health.

    The Fool indicates the beginning of a new adventure. I'm guessing you don't have children already? This card is a good sign 🙂

    Overall, I want to tell you to take good care of yourself. And don't stress out if things don't happen the way you want! I get the sense there is a bit of an internal battle going on within you. Don't feed your fears and doubts. Don't let them "goad you into a fight". Does that make sense?

    Much love & light to you,


  • Thank you so much, all of this was pretty much dead on, especially the internal part, it's like I want to wait for the right time, but a lot of young women in my family on both sides (mom and dad) are getting pregnant and I don't wanna feel like the oldest and last one to get pregnant. I mean I'm still young but I don't wanna wait to long for a family of my own, I don't want any missed oportunities, but like you said it will come in time :). It also a little freaky too about the health concerns, cause I just started a more healthier diet.

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