Yesterday was my birthday, can someone read for me

  • Self- The empress

    Challenges: 9 of wands

    foundation: 9 of cups

    situation: the Heirophant

    recent past: King of Cups

    highpower: the chariot

    Near future: Ace of Coins

    Block and ihibitons: 6 of swords

    Allies: Queen of Wands

    Advice: 5 of swords

    Longterm potention: the fool.

    Your help is greatly appreciated.


  • It's helpful to know the question you posed before pulling these cards, however I will give it a try...

    It appears as though you have been a bit emotional about something that has occurred - that you somehow didn't get what you wanted. This has shaken your confidence and is keeping you from moving forward in life, however it is indeed time. It is necessary for you to let go of the past and the disappointment or mental anguish you may be feeling from it. The Ace of Coins and The Fool in your future is about new beginnings and starting a new path/journey. However, the 6 of Swords and 5 of Swords suggest that in order to start this new journey you must first let go of the past.

    Happy Belated,


  • Thank You Watergirl, my question was who is better for me B or S?

  • I believe the answer is neither. It is better to do a relationship reading on each individual separately than to ask an either/or question with a Celtic Cross. I get a feeling that the real issue is your self-confidence or sense of self-worth and that neither of these men is a good choice for you. Believe in yourself and your worth and then you will attract someone who is good for you...

  • Thank you watergirl for your help


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