PisceanHealer Or Anyone Please Help Me! I Need It SooooBad!

  • I am soooo angry, frustrated and irritated with how much boredom and lonliness I feel these past 5 months. I want to throw things, hit things and scream. I want to go out and act crazy and just forget everything I just did. Most of my friends are out of state, in college and many too busy having fun on their own adventures and even when they have free time no one calls me or hits me up on FB too the point Ive stopped caring about them enough to call or txt them. Ive been happy for them and Ive tried to give them a chance being that I know college is an exciting experience but I have feelings too! On top of that I feel so out of place in TX its not even funny I really HATE IT down here extremely bad and I do my best not to focus on it but it can be quite impossible when you are surrounded by closeminded ignorant people and have no friends and really no outlet. Everyone in my family is too preoccupied with problems that they do not like to hear others so its ok I just keep it bottled up and I feel like Im about to blow now! I have an adventurous spirit and an inner wild child that will be the craziest thing that anyone has ever seen if I feel like this any longer I feel soooo caged up and bored. All I do is be broke (I barely make any money and cant really do as much for myself as I want to, I help others, I work like crazy (I hardly like anyone there), and I babysit thats it! Wowwww what a routine I sick of it absolutely sick of it all I can do is dream of the future and try to pursue it the best I can but my patience is running thin. My school withdrawn me for the time being until I find a private loan to cover housing but the rest of the school is paid for. Just got denied for a loan yesterday (I knew it but tried to keep hope when I had my bad credit having dad tried to sign on as cosigner) so now I need another co signer to continue (just my luck no one to depend on) I still feel Im going though but not in July maybe August or early Fall.

    Please help me Im tooo frustrated right now!

  • And by the way I enjoy my solitude but I hate being alone all the time. It feel like everything is going on around me. Everybody else has more fun, friends around, get to do things with thieer friends and Im stuck. I try to be grateful but at this point I feel Im going crazy...

  • Well to begin with im just 15 so i most likely dont have any idea what that ACTUALLY feels like but i have an idea and i noticed no one has helped you. so, you have options. Maybe try getting ahold of one of your old friends that you were close to and ask for help. see if theyll let you move in with them for a little while, pick up a few jobs, work your butt off for a while to get some cash of your own, and then rent an place of your own and keep working until your back on your feet. then, worry about making new friends. family is a difficult issue but if your gutsy enough.... ask for their help and make an insanely huge effort to try hard to get yourself out of the mess your in and the pain your feeling. ๐Ÿ™‚ Another option is to simply keep working like you are or find another job and then move away from texas after saving up your money. that means learn to keep your pockets tighter than a hookers jeans.... ๐Ÿ˜„ hope all goes well. โค

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hello Asia,

    This has been a long time coming hasn't it? I'm not surprised by this post at all to be perfectly honest. And therein lies the answer.

    You've spent a great deal of energy pretending you're doing great, that you are fine and everything is okay. Well guess what vibes you have been giving out... You're friends are leaving you alone because they think you are doing great, that you are fine and everything is okay. Is it really fair of you to blame them for that?

    It's not us that you really need to reach out to. Turn to your friends. Be honest and tell them "Hey, I'm going stir-crazy at home, mind if I come out with you guys tonight?"

    And be honest with yourself. Yes you are doing much better than before, and yes you need to believe in that. But not to the extent that you pretend everything else is A okay. It's okay for you to say "life is good, but it could be better".

    Love & light,


  • I would more than likely say life is great (emotionally, mentally and physically) but it could be greater (fun wise and adventure wise) lol! Ive got the point though, thank you you gave me a new perspective on my friends and how they feel my mom also told me when people dont feel the need to help you as much (in any kind of way) alot of times they already feel as if you are strong-I already know alot of my friends see me as that lol.

    I feel alot better than when I first created the thread within a few hours of coming home from work I felt better and I felt kind of bad for writing it but at the same time I wanted/needed insight to this issue. I think I will be fine but the Miami thing is making me impatient I feel as though Im still going soon maybe not in July though but a little afterwards (like August or early Fall) .

    Btw the only problem is all the friends I have is away (out of state) so its pretty much me by myself and going out is usually out of the question as much as I want too, We are pretty broke and I dont have a car (been studying though and taking my test for the license really soon) so I just have to figure out my own fun (usually drawing researching, volunteering and movies and writing sometimes food (sad I know lol). Thank you for all of your insight and support-really appreciate it! Love you all!

    Hey Piscean Healer-mind doing a reading for me regarding my Miami school (I really feel like Im going but just need to sort out this problem with the loan and Ive looked at other options but this is the best one to me?

  • Sure thing. But start a new thread and give me 48 hours. Very busy at the moment, energy is a bit scattered ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hey Marc do you see me being able to go to Miami in October?

  • Do you really want to go, or do you need to go? Learn to recognise what are true obstacles in your path - the ones that tell you this is not right for you - and what are merely bumps in the road.

    Bear in mind "If you can find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesnโ€™t lead anywhere." - Frank Clark

    Broaden your horizons Asia. Miami isn't the only place you can go...

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