Blmoon...if you can?

  • Blmoon,

    I am wondering if you have a message for me. Funny thing, I got the following in an email this morning:

    "Someone who can only be thought of as 'the messenger' is about to cross your path, complete with spiritual missive."

    Now while perusing an intersting thread here and there I ran across your words:

    "I am just the messenger."

    So, if you do have a messagwe, I am ready to hear it.


  • Just to clarify, it was in your post to the High Priestess this morning. Which is yet another tie in to the visions I have been getting.

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  • Well I'm here---so must be a reason---was there anything in my last post to High Priestess that connected with you and can you tell me your vision? I worked all day in the sun and garden--just had a shower and about to eat dinner at 10:30 pm---I'm nocturnal and will check back in.

  • Well it was most simply along the lines of your stating being the messenger right after I got the email stating I would cross paths with one.

    I have been having visions since the beginning of the SOUL circle group. Me and Seehorse have been discussing them and I posted some. They tend towards having one vision immediately followed by a 2nd and/or third. About once a week.

    1st time was of glowing enochian symbols (angelic alphabet) nothing followed this one or I did not catch it.

    The 2nd time was of dark pink roses climbing on a vine followed by huge bouquet of lighter ones in a crystal vase.

    3rd time was of a star map immediately followed by glowing sacred geometry symbols. (Similar to the enochian symbols each one was separately lit)

    The last one (this week) was a couple that I did not catch but followed by letters that originally formed words then broke apart quickly and then floated all over the view, mixed up and backwards forwards and upside down and sideways as though they were going to come together in a different way to form new words. Like the message is encoded and the vision was re-coding them for the true message, but as I was waiting for them to reform, I was struck with a vision of myself as a High Priestess in some ancient civilization (or a lesser priestess, not sure). The woman did not look like me but I knew it was me.

    If you discern something from this or have something new, I would appreciate it.


  • Just to clarify, these are not dreams, I am having them while I am awake.


  • I wil have to go to your thread and read the fresh ones but it's bedtime and will do that tomorrow. I do get an impression right now on your brief descriptions. I get the words PAST PRESENT FUTURE. The first vision--Angelic alphabet is language. Your first challange was seeing things in a spiritual perspective--a new langusge. The beginning of things for you was when you committed to the faith there is a parrallel world at all times. A new language--yet an ancient discovery as the language has been a part of your soul forever.

    Second vision is your earthly challange---balancing that shadow side with your higherself--it is the reality of being a a part of God yet must deal with the reality of EARTH--life circumstance--childhood---being tested. The dark pink rose is the wound of life that grows wild at first--we cannot tame our shadow side--we are blind to it at first. The first vision brought us knowledge but getting our head to heal our wounds takes awhile and the balance we seek is the other side of your vision a much "lighter" bouquet of roses---we have contained--cut them knowing they last but a moment---to learn to live in the moment---is the crystal vase. Enlightenment has been reached.

    The third vision begins the enlightenment stage---to live in the moment is to BE AWARE of all that is around you---to get outside your head! It's all outside in this vision---it is the place of abundance---all the answers are out there even though the message is not clear it is trusted to BE there. The universe has it all and you are ready to receive and trust. This is the place of your highest self--The high priestest. I am picking up there was some kind of prayer you sent preceeding these visions. Getting from the second vision to the third means knowing the darker side of yourself your wound that sabotages you and isolates you---free will becomes strong to not see things anymore through those eyes that imagine the worst---imagines people don't like you or you did something wrong---you learn to shut off that voice that disconnects you from "out there---where the abundance is. Blessings! PS-Pink roses also represent "forgiveness"---the golden key that unlocks the mystery between shadow and "crystal clear"!

  • WOW!!!

    Thank you Blmoon!

    Your interpretation and message clears up and has meaning to me. I of course will have to absorb much of it and allow it to coalesce within me. (not to process though as I think too much as it is. LOL)

    Ahhh! You are so right in my failure to shut off the voices that hold me back from being a free spirit. Always seeking outside approval of my worth, belief I am not good enough, not strong enough, not likable or deserving. It colors and shades so much of me.

    To give myself some credit, I have been working on it and made incredible headway but it does rear its ugly head still now and again but at least not continually as it has in the past.

    Thank you again for your insight. As for looking for the past posts of the visions, I don’t remember where all of them are or whether all were actually posted. (Some may be only in email form).

    The prayer on the last?…I was in the midst of my, almost nightly, routine of grounding/shielding/blessing which is why I missed out on the first few as I was concentrating on maintaining my intentions and connectedness. I can not remember now what it was that I might have done/thought in this process to activate the visions but it could also be an intention/desire I set earlier in the day and this was the first time I opened up and shut out the daily noise in order for it to come through as well.

    Blessings, Love and Light

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