Shuabby a reading?

  • Hello dear shuabby i was wondering, if your not too busy, id love to have a reading from you.

    if that would be ok, id be interested in what you have to say at this time for me.

    Thanks for reading this, and if you do not i do understand 🙂 . Love and light Bee Xx

  • 🙂

  • Dear AngelBee

    I feel a saddness with you over family and close to the heart issues here. Are you in love my dear as it feels like you think you are than you are not confusion lurks here.

    I know that you are a kind loving person and give a lot of yourself to the point that you stand last in line more so than you should.

    I would like for you to send me three questions and I will answer them for you.


  • Hey shuabby- Yes- family. is more like close friend/family- and your right there is confusion.

    there, about something, but I'm not going to explain that hear in depth lets just say the situation there seems very unlikely anyway, really I'm trying to forget about it, so I can get on with other things, but yes close family/Friend type person. Which is probably not a good idea to be. so i am just going with the flow, trying to, and see what else turns up. you know. that all in there is a very difficult situation, and one i am not sure if i can get into. maybe you can sense something else around here, cause it almost to me does seem impossible. 🙂

    okay not good at asking questions, but I have been worrying about my health a little,

    1. do you see anything i can do, to make that change?, i know im a sensitive person also, and that i need to work on a few eating habits id like your advice on that part.

    2. Also for my spiritual path, and how far iv come so far, if there is anything i need to work on more on that? trying to keep it simple, too. and not doing too much at the moment. a little bit here and there. you know. so id like some advice on that path too. if thats ok.

    3. Also very interested in what type of work i should be getting into, and weather i am

    going to beable to work self employed, or in that type of area, as id rather work for myself really, than for others. thinking about posting more adverts out for babysitting, as i havent had much work from my other one, that i managed to get before. so will need to look into that a bit more.

    Hope there okay, as i say sometimes i end up asking more than one question in the three questions asked, as im trying to think of them, and the right way to ask them lol-

    Okay, thank you shuabby. I hope you can get something from this. Love ya and thanks for trying.

    Bee Xx

  • Dear Angelbee,

    Your health is a concern to you more on an emotional level is what Iam getting here. You stress than eat comfort foods to fill the void of what you desire and feel you can not achive. You need to walk is what I'm being told and also you will not lose weight alone, you need people in the same situation to help you. Ideal is one area for you to look at to help in the weight loss. Also Cruves for women would be a grand ideal for you.

    You need to work more on your own than with others because you pick up to much of others energy that leaves you drained at days end. To protect yourself from this more, you can ask Arch Angel Michael to come to your side , also you can imagine mirrors all around you to reflex negative away from you. Sea salt baths and carrying an ample of sea salt and placing in your bra or sock can help reflex negative too. I place a crystal in my car to protect me while driving, you can do the same.

    Work, Spirit wants you to know that you have done a great job so far and that you may want to extend your studies into TiChi and then teach it . Ti Chi will help you on a health level and I see you feeling very refreshed and happy with this.

    The work that you do should be on a spiritual level, look for a spiritual book store or fair in your area and you will get work there. Babysitting is not something that you will do much of now as I see you more into the spiritual and than know that there are bills to pay. Walgreens and CVS also come here as places that would be enjoyable for you to work in P/T. Apply at your public library as a clerk as some states pay well in this area even though it would be P/T in which would suit you well at this time.

    Your personal life is in shambles because you feel a bit betrayed and heartsick at how thoughtless people or a person has treated you, people always knock on our door and ask to come into our lives. We have to give them permission to do so, (friends) . It does take time to know what they are made of and at times it is so well covered up that only a master psychic could detect the negative in which they bring with them. Life has lessons for us all and we learn them though people in our lives family and friends. I believe that you are learning to become more independent and to stand up for yourself when needed and to show love more where it is needed also, as you close down and retreat within and that is where the overeating comes in. This is a life issue you must seek help with and overcome. When you do your whole life will change for the better.

    I wish you the best in days to come , and I am here to tell you they are coming.


  • Dear Shuabby.

    Yes your exactly right on those feelings, and yes for the health ones too. Interesting you say, tichi. i done a bit of kundalini yoga, with my dad, and he seems to know someone who does Tichi. and people here locally too- so maybe i will look into that. would be interesting. I liked the yoga too, but i only do it every once in a while. Will definitely think on the book store job part time. i think ill ask my local library, I already asked one book shop in town before, but they were not giving any jobs at the time. So ill ask in other places too. Town is not far from here. Yes your also right about my personal life being in shambles lol that is funny, because i remember now, a dream i had a few nights ago. calling a dog, shambles. hahah- i thought what a funny name to call a dog. called him sam for short i remember. 🙂 That is cool huh. and yes, i will also try with the health, and weight thing. i was having ideas about advertising more for babysitting, but i was also thinking at the same time, it might make me more tired, than anything else. mostly, cause kids run around so much, you can barely keep up with them, and i dont have that much energy lol. but its nice to do once in a while. 🙂 I enjoyed it. but it does make me feel drained after wards. as when i go into shops and things at the moment, i end up feeling dizzy, and tired, and just anoyys me. cause i do want to go out too. so guess im going to have to work on that. 🙂 Thanks for your input and advice, I appreciate it. i got to a spiritualist church also, every Sunday, that's really nice meeting people there. i do feel overwhelmed there sometimes, cause there is lots of spiritual people there. and lots of people who work with spirit like you, and people on tarot. that is nice. and i know i will have habbits. and i know eventually will overcome them. i often worry too much that is my problem, its okay when i do something, but when im not doing anything, like going to sleep, my mind wonders of somewhere crazy, and i have silly thoughts lol. 🙂 Anyway. Thanks again for the help. I will follow up on your advice, and see where it will take me. I do have to remind myself that not all people will want to hurt you, or let you down. and i just have to be open to things, new and

    to let go of old things too. Also i was wondering, if your able to sense, any openings of chakras, or things like that, i feel i may have opened the root one. though im a little confused about that too, and not sure. Im not sure if you can tell that either, but its worth asking anyway. 🙂 and if so, im trying to balance that, so i am working that out too. I dont mind it, but it does get overwhelming, some strange feelings i been getting 🙂 Thanks Love ya Bee Xx

  • Shuabby- i also forgot to mention, i maybe taking a course in sept. but not sure wheather to take it or not. access to counselling, and my mum wants to know weather i want to take it. because the counsil will have to take part of my benifits of her money, so they have to know, weather i am going into work, or going to take a course. if im going into work, mum will lose some of the benefits. I also have to save money, for that particular course costs a lot- though im not sure i really want to do that yet, or do that. I know you said three questions but id be interested in your thoughts on this. I am not feeling very secure here, with my family, and the way they want to know what i am doing, or since im 19 may have to pay my mum fees and things, to live here or something, and she does keep reminding me, what im going to do, and im like i dunno lol- she is very skeptical about the spiritual stuff, as she is a science, down to earth horsey person. so her views are different, though she is open to some parts of it. just not all. I guess, im just feeling a little stuck on that part. I have only a few months maybe 3 or something like that, before sept. so im not sure yet. plus the course is very expensive. Thanks shuabby. This is my last enquiry of you, if that is ok. Love ya hugs Bee Xx

  • Dear Angelbee,

    You have doubts about this course, so I would do some research about this type of study or course and than make up my mind about it, you are in transition now going into adulthood and feel some fear, along with eating to much sugar foods can make you have strange dreams and waking thoughts at times. Correct your diet and make solid deceisons and this will all fade away. Your Mother is preiledge to her beliefs as you yourself are, just know that you can respect the one God in which we all do , however follow the pathway of your own heart and head when it comes to how you want to express and worship.

    My Mother when I turned twenty years old told me and my seventeen year old sister that we had thirty days to get out and find us a place to live. Spirit heard her and than heard my cry for help and I got one of the best jobs of my life and did indeed move out on my own. It is scary, but there are some out there who can't wait to try those adult new shoes on.

    You do need an education -even to teach in the spiritual relm it takes time and classes with degrees in some and certification in others. Your young and can work and take classes to adcheive what you are lead to do.

    I really feel that if you ask you will receive and sooner than you could ever believe.

    Best Wishes


  • Dear Shuabby- Thank you for your loving and kind words of advice,

    I am going to try and make some changes, and i know all of it, wont be always on my own, doing it. so that is good. I am going to try my best, as that is the best i can do. So i will go with the flow from here, i guess. and see what happens. Thank you for including here apart of yourself, too. I would not know what to do with myself if that happen lol 🙂 but i guess id have to just go with it, like everything else, and see what turns up. I guess your right with the ask, and you'll receive thing, I will have to try my best with that too. I am hoping the strange dreams, and the weird waking thoughts, will change soon, its not all bad, but its not all good either. So i am trying to get a balance now. Thank you for your advice, and help. I appreciate it.- I am hoping you had a good weekend, and will have a good week to come. I will try my best to follow on through your advice, It will help me greatly. Thanks. 🙂

    Love and Light Bee Xx

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