Summer fairy hunt

  • Thanks for the great clues, especially since today is worth double 🙂

  • Thanks for the great clues everyone!! I hope to reciprocate sometime in the future. Blessings to all!! 🙂

  • Thanks for the clues, the second one worked for me! Happy Summer Soltice!

  • Thanks again islandsq. The clue was perfect! Happy Solstice everyone!

  • BIG THANKS to islandsq

    . Changing winds? I would have to click on the link to find that clue, didn't help. Unless they always use " changing winds" on that link, I forget.

    It would have been a long search and I would have quit by now. I look 1-2 AM EST, but site was still on Monday's date.

    Happy Summer Solstice, Have a Blessed Summer to all.

  • Thanks for the easy-to-find clue. Completely forgot to go fairy hunting on Monday. How could I have? Well, today somewhat makes up for it. Thanks all for finding the lovely fairies and sharing with us. Blessings to all of you.

  • Some people like a nudge so they can feel like they are playing the game,

    others like more obvious points.

    I went one way, Islandq went the other.

    As long as everyone gets their double coins, doesn't matter how you get there.


  • thank you the clues were awesome I tried early this am but couldn't find the fairies but when I got home from work I started to search and then checked your clues it was so much easier lol

    thank you and blessing to all

  • Double the Karma

    Double the Fun

    All Four Fairies

    Rolled into One!

    Double the Thanks

    To islandsq

    You Helped Me Out

    With Your Fabulous Clue!

  • Thanks to everyone for the clues. Perhaps next time I will join into the fun of riddles.

  • Thanks Islandq!

    Clue was RIGHT on!

    You are on TOP of your MONTHLY game!!

  • YAY I finally found it. I really don't know why it took me so long lol Thanks lots for the clues. Blessed Be everyone

  • I am totally clueless!! Changing winds? someone take pity and post a clue....i have done well with the other ones, but time is flying!~! please help

  • Reread Islandq carefully!!

  • Your welcome, LJZ! And thanks for the props/compliment:)!

    Hope you ended up finding the fairies with help of my clue, sherylbear48!

    Mine was posted right after Rynna's clue. I found the fairies on my own, but I was second in discovering them--Rynna's clue was pretty cute and if you are in a detailed search mode, I think her clue takes you there pretty well. Mine definitely wasn't as challenging but I had a long birthday night and just wanted to share in a slightly clever, creative way that allowed everyone to receive their fairy-full joy this Solstice! Like Rynna (basically) said, one clue each for different approaches/style/moods in the game search!:)

    And 'till the next game.....:) Blessings to your summer or winter,wherever you may be in the world, ....Lisa/islandsq

  • Your welcome, all of you awesome fairy finding ( I don't want to "hunt" them, do you?!:) ) fellow astrology-lovin' beings! Your welcome, Hpriestess, triplevirgo, bellydancer55, shadowmist, flowsco ( i remember you finding alot of goodies in past games!),...and especially Purplequeen, idsweeheart79, Powwow, and BeatleManiacFromWayBack... for all your extra kind words of gratitude/thanks/appreciation poetic-lyrics !!! It's so fun to find and share!! It made my birthday even more special connecting in with all of you! Blessings~~Lisa/islandsq

  • Oh Well, I guess I missed the Summer Fairies. I kept telling myself to Login!! too much life was happening at the moment. Happy Summer All!

  • Thank you for the great hints, I was able to find the summer fairies too! Bright blessings to all, and may your summer be full of fun and happy times!

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