Summer fairy hunt

  • Does anyone have a clue for today's search? Thank you.

  • thank you for the clue yesterday It was great so far I havent found anything yet

  • Ohhh---I've missed two fairy days already, darn it! I must find the last two--especially today's fairy, since she is hiding on my BIRTHDAY! Yes, I am the late child of spring, the foreshawdowing child of summer, the colorful transition of spring blooms to summer rose perfumed breeze, the birth messenger of Summer Solstice, this is me--Gemini/Cancer cusp being. A birthday treat this will be to find that cute little blue, green, yellow or orange fairy!! Which faires have been found so far? Curious which ones I missed? Thanks everybody for your helpful searching....I'll try to find it before I go to bed! 🙂 Blessings***

  • ok- can't find it. Any help?

  • Hey everybody! I did it! I found the fairies first, and on my birthday! YaY! It makes my day! for your clue....let me it comes in the next post....:)!

  • Ok, I'm flipping out here on the numerology thing, because i just noticed that my post announcing I found the fairies came out at 5:55 (5 representing Gemini) AND then i noticed that if I add this day ( 6-2-2011 at 5:55pm) it turns out to be an 8, my personal number. Trippy, good stuff there! The clue, the clue...I know you're all

    Today for my birthday (and this is the truth, it just happens to fit synchronistically for a clue here too!) I plan to first, join a planet podcast of sorts called Solstice Meditation & Offerings by and for Women, then second, I plan to go intuitively move at a dance workshop so that I can get my Pulse on the Planet. Once, I'm there, I'll make sure I scroll down the whole dance floor so that I don't miss a beat, or a dancing fairy!

    Ha! Enjoy I will send blessings for us all to birth summer beautifully as spring says, "farewell" today. ~~ L

  • Thanks islandsq

    found them right off with your clue. Really sweeeeet how the numbers worked out for u on your b-day.

    Happy Birthday hope it stays a blessed one for you.

  • Remember: Today on my birthday I will make one STOP at a PODCAST STATION via a teleconference for Solstice Meditation & Offerings for Women. Then, i go to a dance workshop and move intuitively, as I find that to be the best way to get my PULSE on the PLANET. I will make sure to check out my fellow dancers from TOP to BOTTOM, scrolling down their expressive bodies with my eyes like Video cam, and then I will see that they are all actually colorful, dancing fairies!!

    Enjoy everyone! I hope my clues are( BIrthday) cake for you all to find the fairies!

  • Ok, for all you numerology peeps out here, I want to make a correction. In my excitement of finding the fairies, I added the numbers wrong. Not an 8, but a 9 came up, which is actually better because in Kundalini numerology, which I find fascinating and connect with more as far as my soul's interest goes, the 9 is both my gift number and my path number. 9 represents energy consciousness and the ability to teach/translate/message it from the highest wisdom of the self/spirit/soul. In that moment, exact time and space of this morning, I was able to "gift" you all clues to take you on the "path" to finding your fortune fairies. Well, I'm just thrilled to start my birthday morning out this way~~ even though I haven't gone to sleep since the 19th of June, and will now dream as the sun comes up here on the Pacific coast, awaking later on, sometime this early afternoon of June 20th, to enjoy the rest of my awesome birthday! Blessings to you all~~L

  • Thanks for the birthday love witchywomen! And your welcome too!:) I'm glad my clues made it pretty easy for you!:)

  • thankyou Islandsq I found them missed the first two though but that seems to be par for the course I leave it too late

    Love and Light

    Blessed Be)O(

  • Happy Birthday, Islandsq! Hope it is a fine one! My birthday is on Thursday, Midsummer's Eve, so it's close to being cusp-ish. And I have Moon in Gemini, so I always feel more like a Gemini than a Cancer.

    Thanks to you ~and everyone else who has posted ~ for the great clues!

  • Thank you Islandsq, and happy birthday! I also missed the first two days, dang it! But your clue was awesome and I found it right away. Thanks again!

  • I must be missing something in all this awesomeness - I honestly can't find anything based on the clues you gave. Could you please be less mysterious?

  • Never mind, I went back to the podcast page, which was forwarding me to a different site when I went there before, and lo and behold - fairies! For which, thanks! I also missed the first two, so I hope I catch the last ones.

  • excellent clues thank you I missed the 1st one so hopefully I wont miss anymore

  • Islandq

    it took a little thinking but I found it too. Thanks.

    Hope your birthday was happy, happy, happy!!

    I had went to there yesterday and it directed me somewhere else, so at first I thought

    I had misunderstood the clue; 'tink, tink, tink--aha!'

  • I can't believe I actually found them this morning! Lucky me but as a clue giver -- not so much.

    Here goes, hope it helps-

    The Solstice may be the focus but to "Navigate the Changing Winds" there is more to know.

    that sounds like I-Ching, it;s not**

  • Thanks Rynna, good clue!

  • Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone! Yes, I had a wonderful June 20th, and got home so late that I'm just now getting to looking for the faires at 5 23am in the morining of the 21st! So, it seems I'm even more tuned in today now that I'm a year wiser (hee-hee! :)) because I found the fairies in two minutes or less! I always like to try for a bit on my own before clues, but being so tired I gave myself a five minute window, and didn't expect to find the pretty pixies so quickly, but wonders!...I did!. Then, I came here to see rynna actually found them first today---Congrads Rynna!:)-- and I like your clue but since I had planned to share my discovery with a clue, I'm still going to offer it up in case anyone is interested in a second helping! 🙂 goes:

    This is the time of the MONTH in which the FORECAST is summer solstice. Fairies dance at the TOP of the day, and you know it's just RIGHT! to you alll~~~ Lisa

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