GEMINIS: Why are you guys so hard to crack?

  • Long story short, I've been friends with a guy for nearly 6 years (on and off friendship at times) and our relationship has been more of a FLIRTATIONSHIP. But it only occurred to me recently that he may like me since he's been inviting me over his house to cook with them and other date-y hangouts. So I asked him out three days ago.

    And he said yes. And since this week has been really busy, he told me he'll get back to me on a day for the date next week. BUT that was three days ago and I know Geminis often have a bad record in terms of calling/texting consistently and displaying affection when not in close proximity with the person you like. Plus, he tends to contact me at the last minute a lot of the time. Just a few things running through my head: Does he even like me? Should I wait it out since you Gems are so spontaneously last minute? And a Gem told me that "to love a gemini is like trying to love two people. You guys just give us room to get ourselves together, sometimes we don't act like we do but we love you all to death. Really." and that Gems tend to get "tied up" often but not calling/texting is not an indicator of anything relationship-wise.

    What's going on?

  • I know it can be hard to understand but Gemini's are some of the most private people although we appear to be extraverts. It takes decades for us to express whats really inside for fear that our other side won't like it or our weakness could potentially be used against us. We are our hardest critics...even the ones that appear to have the most confidence is always torn within. Take nothing personally with him as it is just hard for us to make a decision, even about what to eat for dinner without over-analyzing it. This habit to analyze ever decision that we make during the day usually makes us last minute and I am sure you know the rest!

  • Is that why he always lets me choose 😛 I thought being normally both VERY confident and opinionated, he would have something in mind but it always ends up me making the plans!

  • So he's not texting me back about the date. Should I wait it out all week? Or would texting him tomorrow be like throwing myself at his feet?

  • So wait, how long as it been now that he hasn't gotten back to you? if you guys are supposed to make plans this week for next week, I would give him till Monday the latest and then text him a friendly, nonchalant reminder. You can even joke to him about it or tease him, just don't get mad yet. I know it seems stupid and impossible for a man to forget about a DATE with someone he LIKES, but seriously men are something else...

    So, that's my advice. Give him till Monday the latest, and then text him something friendly to remind him.

  • Monday as in tomorrow? It's been five days now and the date was apparently this week.

    Nonchalant casual text? Or wait it out the whole week?

  • OH! You guys were supposed to go on a date THIS week?? Yah, text him now. That's definitely a little late, LOL.

  • Hmmm, anyone here advising against it?

  • I have to say, I have a similar problem as I have been seeing a Gemini male (I'm a Cancer) 11 years my senior for over 9 months. We were formerly co-workers who flirted and were friends but nothing became of it while we were employed at the same company. After over 6 years of going without contact, we reconnected over the internet and he immediately asked me out (I was nervous and thrilled). Since we've been seeing each other, I wanted to maintain the friendship to ensure that I don't lose him again but as we have become intimate (chemistry between us is AMAZING), the emotions have taken over. He still makes plans with me at the last minute and at times, I become terrilby impatient with him. I care about him deeply and do believe I am in love with him and that he loves me, too although those words haven't yet been exchanged. He is in denial about how I feel about him and fears me making him "wishy-washy" with his own emotions. I keep thinking, if it is meant to be, it will happen. The key that I have found is trying to be patient and I know that if I non-chalantly text to say, what's up, I discover, that he hasn't necessarily forgotten about me but that he is trying to plan for us to have enough time or to be in the perfect setting when all I want is to talk to him and be with him...Good luck with everything! I'll be thinking of you...

  • you explained it perfectly. Except, I haven't had that much luck 😞

  • i would shoot him a txt.... like now

  • Hi, I am so sorry u have had to endure such friend aswell has been seeing a Gemini, and all he has done is been disrespectful to her, like breaking plans with her when something better comes up..or putting his friendships before her, and let me tell u she doesn't expect him to do whatever she wants, she enjoys her space aswell. However, he definitely shows up when it comes to s.e.x. He says he doesn't want a relationship, and I told her that everybody has relationships, heck, as friends, family, co-workers, u have daily relationships with these people...what he means is that he is not looking for a commitment. I told her still that as a "friends w/benefits" he should still be nurturing the friendship part just as much as the s.e.x. part. I am a leo, I am 37 yrs old, I would not even put any effort into someone who doesn't put any into me. Life is too short to waste time and energy on people who haven't grown up, U determine u'r worth to people. If u put up with such behavior, how much more will u put up with in the future...let him go, let him figure out what he truly wants in life without u stressing over him to "love" you. Invest in YOU! NOT HIM! Women have a tendancy to want to change/fix men, when ultamitately u should either accept him as is, or leave him. He may realize what he needs to do on his own, without feeling pressure to change. As we all tend to do, when someone pressures us, we tend to run in the opposite direction and/or rebel. He obviously needs to grow up, because he is not ready for a fully healthy committed relationship with anyone but himself. Don't settle for crumbs, go for the whole meal, u deserve that cause u r willing to offer that. Don't FIX him, let him FIX himself, he will just drag down u'r self esteem, as any man like this would. Don't invest u'r heart to men like this, find one that is willing to invest just asmuch as u r...always remember to love u'rself first and only then will u be able to love someone else fully and on issue u have with u'rself, be honest with u'rself, and make the needed changes within u. I am a spiritual person and I believe that if u make changes within u'r self, u will be tested on whether u have truly adjusted u'r way of thinking and doing by sending men u'r way that u would have usually been stumbled in life by before the change. These are tests...have u truly grown, or are u being stumbled in time/space with someone who is not at u'r level of "love" yet... This is why most women can look back on several men and notice many similarities in qualities/behaviors that their ex's all had in common...rise above it! When u do push aside the screwed up ones, u may be given a blessing afterall with someone who u have proven to be worthy of aswell..and don't put a time limit on this aswell, for love is not on a time schedule of yours! Enjoy you! and keep pushing forward sweetie for better days! When you do meet that special someone, he will treat you like the precious diamond you are! Are you not worth that much?? Only you can decide that for yourself. Sending you my love for you to have strength! Take care sweetie! 🙂

  • hi,

    my boyf is a Gemini and he is a bit the same with the texting etc....leaving things very last minute. I am super busy in my job so like to plan things out b4 hand so I can organise stuff. When we first started seeing each other if he left things to the last minute and I had made other plans then it was tough luck!!! he had to rearrange for another time....sometimes I wouldn't see him for a while because I was so busy and I think that made him think about planning a bit more.

    I think don't hassle them just try and get on with your own life, don't sit around and wait for him and hopefully he will get his act together.....after seeing my boyf for a bit I told him that he needed to organise stuff with me better and not last minute!!! and now he is pretty good.

  • Messenger that was so well put. And it all make sense. Know ur self worth and most of all love yourself first, you will get what u deserve.

  • Gemini's hate being chased - I would play it cool and let him to the work besides he has let you down soo its his loss and he needs time to realise that 🙂

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