Intuitive in a strange love triangle... any insights?

  • Hi everyone. I've been a regular visitor of for years. I for some reason never noticed the forum. I've been very intuitive ever since I was a child. I'm Clairsentient and Clairaudient, though I'm still developing out the latter ability, as I tuned it out from fear.

    I've been on a personal journey of enlightenment that had me meet a wonderful soulmate who has put me through the ringer for 10 years even though I love him, and then 3 years ago, out of the blue I met a man whom I had a very deep (and invasive) spiritual connection to, even though we were only coworkers. He started appearing in my dreams and we seemed to be telepathic. We split ways when life moved us on but I wasn't able to get him out of my dreams, or my head. After 3 years of struggling I was finally able to realize he was my twin soul. (I fought this concept, seriously, I didn't want to delude myself.) It put my marriage through a helluva strain because my husband was convinced I was going to leave him for this man, and then he became angry and possessive and abusive. When I started losing my mind in my marriage my TS started showing up in my dreams again after a year of no contact.

    I really wanted to leave my husband, because we had such a difficult relationship, but finally I opened up and told him about the connection I had with my TS and since he was terrified of me leaving him, he decided to accept my inability to sever the connection and us try and work through it. The problem is now my TS, who was being a slightly captive ear while I was working up the courage to leave my husband has turned frigid and icy on me and the separation is driving me mad. I hate being in the middle of this triangle. One man won't let me go, and the other one I feel empty without. I'd rather be alone in the middle of this but I have marital and parental obligations.

    My birthday is 10-19-1983, my husband is 3-12-1980 and the man in question is 11-2-possibly68 (yes it's complicated.) I can give myself advice from my Higher Self, but I'm too emotionally exhausted to hear clearly where I'm headed in relation to either men, and I feel like I"m being tugged in all directions. If anyone can give me a fresh perspective I would appreciate it. Thanks in advance.

  • Hi kurisu. Sorry you are going through such a confusion. Not sure whether you should stay with your husband, but if the other guy has turned all icy on you, I'd say, he's definitely not worthy of struggling for. I'm not even sure he is your soul mate - you might have felt an intense attraction to him, and more unavailiable he was, more you became attracted to the idea of him as your soul mate (because you never see him on a day to day basis, arguing about washing the dishes etc. so you project your own fantasies onto him). That's how it often works. It's called obsession. The fact that he appears in your dreams has more to do with your desire for the "ideal" love than the reality of him as a person. If you ended up living with him, chances are in some years the same situation would repeat itself with some new "twin soul" .

  • I agree with VS. The other guy is not your twinsoul. As I understand it, your twinsoul doesn't exist on the Earth plane. More accurately it's another term for your higher or spiritual self.

    We do have soulmates, but the term has lost its meaning along the way. Soulmates are people that come into our lives to help us learn and grow. They can be friends, relatives, even animals. It's not always a romantic relationship and rarely do they last a lifetime. We tend to have many soulmates during our lives. Your husband is one, the other guy is one.

    What you are mistaking for a twin soul relationship is probably more accurately termed a kindred soul. Not that I am saying the other guy is a kindred soul. In fact I don't feel there is a romantic relationship there at all.

    Again I have to agree with VS. Sort out the issues between you and your husband. Even if it means you separate. Otherwise - and to quote VS - "chances are in some years the same situation would repeat itself with some new "twin soul"."

    Love & light to you,


  • Thanks for your opinions. 🙂

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