Advice from the Captain please :(

  • Hi Captain

    Much blessings to you....

    I would really appreciate your valuable insight on the following men who seem to keep recurring in my life and now appear to be serious even when i feel things are more than over....

    They have me greatly confused because they all seem to be sincere about their "love" but I am not sure about a future with any of them, mainly because I don't know how genuine they are. They are all good male friends and I was involved with them on a romantic level ..... 😞

    Are any of them the best bet ???

    Gregory 12 June 1961

    Phillip 26 April, 1969

    Ronald 19 sept. 1972




  • You honestly cannot be serious to have one tell you what to do or who is the best. If you have a real readiness to have a relationship, you will know and hold some control of your life and choice. If you have self identity and have set your own boundaries and beliefs with values it will be a clear road ahead. Your questions says you are confused and unsure. you are not ready until ypou are clear on your own. Astro does not tell you ones ability to be faithfull, mentally, emotionally, or physically able to hold a divine relationship. It gives you ambiguous traits that can apply to everyone in a degree. Astro holds a decedent,acedent, rising, sun zodiac sign too, then numerology has about 4 numbers per person.....So you are far better off paying attention, be assertive, set self identity and worth and take each relationship in the now and makle the best of it along with ridding self doubt and learning to Trust your inner voice. What does your inner voice say?

  • Lol thats the problem inner voice is really confused.btw, im a Libran so my mind keeps shifting back an forth.

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