Anyone having a problem with the site?

  • Hi all are you all having a problem with this site? I am all the add signs are in the middle of the page and when I go to post I have no curser. I cannot see what I am posting. This post seems to be typing fine now. The two other threads I posted were not working correctly and what I posted was all jumbled up. Is this site going down? Anyone else having a problem with the site? Thank you.

    Your friend in tarot


  • Yeah lots of problems. The adverts for a start...

  • and the error meassages that keep coming up

  • Hi all Hi all,

    The home page ad banners are in the middle of the home page. All the little tabs that are for the home page New to Sale I think it is are all in a violet color and blend in with the home page. When I sign in to the site I get a very pretty violet color back ground with nothing on it till I scroll all the way down to get to the forum. I can read the posts but cannot type correctly in a new post. I am not coming up with anything that is written that states error. Except the whole site looks like it is in error. I am using my word program to type this and hope it will copy and paste for so it can be read.

    Admin do you know when the site will be back up and running? Do you know that something is wrong with the site? Maybe you can ask the webmaster/ designer of the site how long this will be like this and when can we expect it to be completely back up and running. Could you please post that information here so that we can come and read it and know when it will be ready for us to view.

    Thank you,


    still not viiable typing. I do not whave a curser but the page appears pblank. All banner ads for me are in the middle of the page. After I have signed in I get this purple back ground and have to scroll all the way down to come here to post. I think this site is under constrution or something. I read a short note about sleek new look. Admin pleplease reply and let us know about thtthe site When it will i

  • Oh my goodness even look how it posted when I postted my last post. Oh well I am sure things will be up and running soon

  • This post is deleted!

  • mine is fine but it is a different color. The Admin did state some where that they were changing it over again to a new look. Yet again but probably for the sake of new advertisers.

    Hope it clears up on your end soon.


  • Also, the background is all grey now rather than the purple lace.

  • Hello all,

    Wow ok the site is back up and running with its new sleek look. I think it looks very nice andProfessional. Wow Very nice indeed. Looking Good

    Your friend in Tarot,


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