Children in my future

  • please can anyone see if i will have anymore children and what sex they will be thank you

  • I am going to describe your appreance, if this right, then perhaps I can answer your question with no personal info given to me frm you.

    You have medium to dark brown hair, length between sholders and jaw line. longer in the back. Short straight bangs. Hips are kind of wide and taper down. You like to wear jeans. I see a white t shirt or blouse, something cotton and over it a cardigan, sweater. shoes black, like those work in retail for people that stand on their feet all day.

    You use your hands and smile. Your smile is sometimes a crocked smile or smurk. Very cute and sly in a way.

    I see you garden and staring at artwork above your kitchen nook. You like art but don't paint yourself. You wish you did.

    If this sounds okay... then the below will be okay for you too.

    You have two children. A boy and a girl. Boy I see tall and girl little so.... boy is older or acts more mature thant the girl.

    There is one more child spirit waiting, but it doesn't have to be. Life is full of choices.

    I don't see a man in your life at the moment. No worries... the child is watching and learning even if it is not born. Though I think in 2-3 years time, she (girl) will be inside of you. You will be preggos if you decide.

    In addition... I see a check coming to you from the government. Smile and feel blessed. This money though should be saved. No spending on anything to do with a car... for you or your son.

    I hope this helps. Take care and god bless.

    Theresa from Norway

  • Hi Again.

    Spirit guides are wanting me to clarify somethings. You son is not old enough to drive. (hehe) You are seperate from your husband or divorced. You are seeing a guy that is immature with you taking care of him like a mother. This guy needs money for his car .. he says. He should not be the father of the little girl. There is another man waiting. This man is dark and delicious. This will be the one to father your little girl, if you should choose. I pray for you to have the courage to be break it off with your current guy and be alone for a bit. You really do need the space.

    Blessing and prayers to you and your family. Pray to angels for assistance they are around. So much so, that they asked me to help you over the computer... from Norway. I live in Norway.

    You are a wonderful person with so much to give... and GET: Know your own worth. You are beautiful.

    Theresa from Norway

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