Anyone Willing to Pull Some Cards for Me?

  • Hi there,

    I have been seeking employment and since I do not know what I want to do next, I wrote out the list of what I would want as far as salary, schedule, free time, how I would feel, that there would be an element of helping others and a social aspect to it, etc. So far, everything that does seem to come my way is something I know I do NOT want and doesn't really fit my list at all. The few things that appeared to fit some aspects of my list have been a dead end. After some contemplation, I decided that maybe obtaining a realtor/broker license would be a good pursuit for me. It's not exactly something that made me say "YES! that's what I want to do" but it does seem to fit my "list." I did my own Celtic Cross and everything appeared to be positive, but the Advice card was Justice which didn't sit right with me. Now that I think of it, the Crossing card gave me pause as well but I can't remember what it was!

    Anyone out there willing to pull some cards on this for me? I would appreciate it 🙂


  • The Justice card is about bringing your wants and needs into balance 🙂

    There are always going to be aspects of our jobs that we don't like. Are you sure you're not overstating your wants/desires in your search for the "perfect" job? The one that will make you say, "YES! that's what I want to do".

  • I did a reading for you based on your post. I have listed the cards and their positions in case you see something different but the interpretations below them are what I was seeing. I agree there seemed to be some portion stating it was a good thought but the overall impression I got was that it is not in keeping with your passion. That you are settling in an effort to do something. BUT it feels like perhaps you may be getting close. Like "think outside the box".


    The Chariot in the "Self" Position

    You are in the right area “getting warmer” but not quite there yet. Once you do get there, it will move fast.

    Three of Swords in the "Situation" Position

    You’re too anxious for a change or move and it is hampering forces of movement. Release your worries and allow your insight to take you in the right direction.

    Page of Pentacles in the "Challenges/ Opportunities" Position

    Again you are looking in the right place but missing the entire picture. There will be some training involved possibly an apprenticeship. But again, look closely at what fits you. What do you have to offer and where/how can you use this.

    Ace of Swords in the Foundation Position

    You did your homework and laid out your list. Good start, now revise it, cut it, add to it. Make your pros and cons. Decide where YOU want to go. What is your vision of the future?

    Knight of Wands in the Recent Past Position

    Perhaps there is a recent past conflict that has gotten you all fired up and moving at a speed with which you may miss something. You may be trying to solve one problem by jumping in to solve and entirely different one. Calm your typical response of jumping into the fray and shoving through at all costs. Relax and allow your better judgement shine through.

    Four of Wands in the Higher Power Position:

    There is some sort of teamwork involved. It appears as though there are missing pieces to the puzzle. When you go back and look at your list again, think about where/who you could join forces with or an area that requires joint efforts.

    Nine of Wands in the Near Future Position

    There is something else better out there. Release the need to be the driver in this.

    Ten of Pentacles in the Blocks & Inhibitions/Issues Position

    You may tend to tie pride and self-respect in the ability to meet obligations which means you can lean towards lowering them when you can not. This is may be what is behind the anxiety and the push/rush to find something that fits “as well as can be expected”. But are you lowering your expectations too far in order to just get back into the workforce?

    Seven of Pentacles in the Allies Position

    There are other uses for your talents, there may be other talents you have not considered as part of your personal portfolio. Look for work that fits within your nature rather than trying to shove your nature out of shape to fit a type of job.

    Three of Cups in the Advice Position

    Again there is some resonance with looking at a partnership/apprenticeship or job that takes a group effort rather than a singular service.

    The High Priestess in the Long Term Potential Position

    This route may turn out to be a learning experience and possibly a step towards something else, but I do not see it as the end goal.

    I do wonder whether you should think about the differences between what would be a “profession” vs. a “job”. Do you want to pursue employment that takes up most of your time and thoughts vs. a paycheck that clears your obligations but has no meaning and leaves your mind and time free to pursue others things in life?

    With the first it should be in keeping with your passion as there will be little time for anything else. With the second there is much more wiggle room and it can give you time to pursue a passion or even define a passion. There can also be time left for any training you may need to take to step into the profession of your dreams. Just a thought.

  • Thank you PH and IBelieve,

    PH - I’m 45 years old so no need to tell me that there will always be things about our jobs we won’t like! As far as balancing my wants and needs, I looked over my list, but not sure I see an issue with it. Because I don’t really know what I want to do next and since I also know that we need to leave ourselves open to all possibilities, I left it rather “vague” on the job specifics and just focused on outcomes for me. Here are the things on the list:

    I initially placed in a dollar figure of my desired yearly salary – based on this being my “wish” list and based on my past income. I have now changed it to a minimum salary which for some may still be high, but it is a third of what I was making before the economy took a down turn.

    no more than a 40 hour work week or flexibility in the hours I put in. (Yes! I want time to pursue outside interests and be sociable!!)

    this work can be done in business casual clothing (no suits, no hose!).

    I am the boss, but if I do report to someone else, he/she will appreciate and respect me and the work I do.

    I am helping others in some way.

    there is a social, relationship building aspect to it.

    I feel a sense of joy, pride and satisfaction in my work – fulfillment. If not, then I at least enjoy the people I work with!

    I feel successful.

    this opportunity is coming to me NOW.

    I wrote the original list back in March and have tweaked it since then. At the Gemini New Moon, I just put on my New Moon Wish List “I want to easily attract, recognize and find myself working in the right job for me.”

    I have always been in upper level or senior management and since I do not have children, a husband, or any of that other “stuff” I prefer to have a career rather than a “job.” I have been out of work for 9 months now and although there was a period where I was indeed supposed to be reflecting, that time is now over and it is time for action. I have been doing my due diligence by going through the online sources for job opportunities and networking, but so far nothing has come up that has been viable. So the real estate option was something that I could take action on rather than sitting and waiting. It may not be the right thing for me as the cards have alluded to, but I think I will still at least take the online course. It can’t hurt. In the meantime, I will still keep looking. And if the Universe has some other Divine Plan for me then it needs to get off its butt and send it my way or show me the way to it!

    Thanks again,


  • Hey WG,

    Are you including spiritual aspects to your work? I know you said "helping others in some way", but maybe you need to be more specific.

    Overall I feel you are on the right path, but there's this niggling feeling that you are overlooking something. Are your needs being met? Yeah, not an easy question lol. Sorry, it just came to mind 🙂

    Love & light,


  • Hey PH,

    Well, the cards kept intimating that some sort of spiritual work or healing work was in my future, but I don't really have any idea what that would be. AND, so far, the Universe has not provided any hints 🙂 That is why I left it so open. I don't really see reading Tarot as a viable option as my profession - only as something to do on the side in my free time. Are my needs being met right now? Not really...getting my professional life moving again would be a big help!

    I love the spread you did for MyJourney....would love to have you do one of those for me if and when you feel moved to do so :0



  • Good call 🙂 Let me recharge the ol' batteries first and then I'll get back to you!

    Love & light,


  • Hello WG,

    Your Medicine Wheel Spread is as follows:

    The Card in the East: Your spiritual strength. The direction your spiritual path is taking and the major challenge to seeing clearly in your present situation - Dog. Your challenge here is to look at your loyalties to someone or something. Since this is the card of your spiritual path are you being loyal to spirit? Or have the opinions of others jaded your view of things such that (with no ill intent on your part) you are turning your back on spirit? Also, are you being loyal and true to yourself and your goals?

    The card in the South: The animal that is teaching your inner child. What you need to trust in yourself and what you need to nurture as you go through this growing process - Otter. Otter represents woman medicine, and you have medicine by the bucket loads WG! Otter is very strong with you. The elements of earth and water are strong within you. You are a healer, you can both ground people as well as cleanse their spirits. Otter is a lot like children so it's great to have her teach your inner child. She is always on the move and is very curious. She is full of joy, has a great sense of adventure and always assumes others are friendly. In other words, she displays no preconceptions or suspicions. Become that playful "child" and share the bounty of your life with others.

    The card in the West: The internal solution to your present situation/challenge - Frog (contrary). Your "waters have become muddied", you are not seeing things clearly. Go for a swim (perhaps literally), hop to another lily pad or even jump into the next pond. Essentially, use your gifts of cleansing on yourself to get a new perspective on the situation. To see things from a different point of view.

    The card in the North: How you may spiritually apply and integrate the lessons of the other directions. Recognising the teacher within and connecting to your higher-self's purpose and intention - Lizard (contrary). The first words that came to mind were, "are you paying enough attention to your dreams"? The other message of Lizard in the contrary position is to use your imagination to create what you want.

    The Sacred Tree card (centre card): How your spiritual and physical selves have melded to form the "you" of the present moment - Beaver. This is you, the builder, the doer. This card obviously represents your desire to build something substantial, worthwhile, and long lasting - a career in other words. But again we see a strong connection with earth and water. Beavers also have a great sense of community, they work extremely well with others.

    Overall WG I get the sense that you are being asked to look at how you can integrate your female medicine into your potential career (integrate Otter medicine with Beaver medicine). Don't look at them as separate entities.

    If you like, there is another spread I can do in addition to this one. The 7 card pathway spread, which is loosely based on the Celtic Cross. It's good for showing you your present pathway, where you have been, where you are headed, what is challenging you and what you have completed.

    Love & light,


  • Thanks PH 🙂

    Give me some time to digest this....I have been getting "partnership" messages and "misunderstanding" messages and I do believe it has to do with Spirit. I need to spend some time with this tomorrow morning during my "quiet" time and then get back with you. Thanks again!



  • Say What?!?

  • Are you sure the Otter message isn't about me being lazy? :0

  • Or confused?

  • lol

    Otter isn't lazy, she just goes with the flow 🙂

    And in case you weren't aware of it; focusing on actual images of Otter is an excellent way to get in touch with her medicine and integrate it into your life.

  • OK, so a few things came to mind as I pondered your reading....

    First thing was about partnership with Spirit (the Dog message). I think to some extent I felt that Spirit was obviously not going to step in with some Divine Intervention or even Guidance in my life, so I adopted the stance of it's up to me and I'm on my own.

    The second thing with regard to Dog was about my family and more specifically my father. I will preface it with I THINK the stance of "I'm on my own and I need to get more practical and do something about my situation" came first. However, the family nagging has been there all along, but was more subtle until recently. I know that they are just worried about me, but it comes across as a bit condescending. And my father comes across extremely negative - he's quite the naysayer. If I say black, he says white. If I change my mind and say white, then he says blue. So my family, specifically my father, want me to just take ANY job and I have been pretty firm that I am not in that state of desperation (at least not yet!). The problem is, it is now 9 months since I have worked and it is hard to convince them that they are not "right" about it. I do feel that I need to start taking more direct action and responsibility, but every idea I come up with I meet resistance from Spirit. Hence, the confused otter pic!

    I am just not sure how to blend the female medicine with a job and Spirit has not been very helpful in this regard. The idea of getting a real estate license was a bit of forward planning in the event something doesn't come along before the winter. I told my sister that if I was not gainfully employed by the fall, that this was the direction I would probably go. Taking the class to get my license now is just preparation. The only option I can think of for blending Otter and Beaver is to go back to school for a graduate degree in psychology or counseling. This was my intent several years ago, but going back for the bachelor's degree almost killed me and I needed some time off in between. Then the economy took a dump and my position at work was as an executive in charge of sales. A down economy is when all the responsibility falls on sales so I felt it would not be fair to go back to school as it would be splitting my focus. I just haven't had the motivation to go back - the program is a full 2 1/2 years going full time and I would have to work full time as well, but honestly that is the only thing that comes to mind with regard to blending Otter and Beaver. The funny thing is I pulled cards on this option as well and once again I got that this was not the right way to go. I'm starting to feel like Spirit is a naysayer just like my father! 🙂

    If you think the 7 card pathway will help give insight on what path to take, then by all means - please do!

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