Hanswolfgang, would you please give me an update if you have time?

  • Hi Hans, hope all is well with you. There has been a development in the story with the gemini gentleman and I wanted to ask for your advice. We got together but the things he says confuse me. he repeated over and over that we can never be together, which at this stage, being as in love as i am, is difficult to hear. at the same time he says he loves me and that we're similar and that i'm special. over and over. and it confuses me until i no longer understand anymore what i feel - except that the situation is very intense. and there also seems to be something that's holding me back from enjoying the physical side fully. i should be overwhelmed with passion but i almost felt numb and empty. what do you see in this situation?

    Lots of blessings and thanks x

  • helbells,


    I wanted to ask for your advice: triumph over ill health and money difficulties.

    what do you see in this situation? this simply means that you need to adopt a more balanced approach to your worldly cares.

    Your ego is dependent on what others say. The people all around you either contribute to your ego or they take away some of it. This is why you are concerned the whole time as to what people are saying or thinking about you. That is your capital. Collecting others' opinions contributes to your pride -- but what is the reliability of others' opinions? Their opinions are in their hands. Today they may be extending it in your favor, tomorrow they may not. Today they may have a good opinion of you, tomorrow they may have a bad one -- and they have their own motivations.

  • yes, but where is this going with him? is this a road i should take even if it's going to hurt me tremendously in the end?

  • helbells,

    where is this going with him? Happiness and optimism will dominate a new beginning. Decisions that are made will have positive results. Expect a new beginning and a fresh start. A new partnership could also be in the making. You will feel slighted by a relative.

    is this a road i should take even if it's going to hurt me tremendously in the end? Yes.

    One hour of meditation and twenty-three hours of non-meditation... do you think there is any hope that meditation will win in the end? Those twenty-three hours will wash out anything that you think you are doing in meditation.

  • Thanks Hans... I've calmed down slightly and got over my panic. (so i guess meditation has a good chance of winning after all). really i have no idea why i felt the way i felt. i don't even know what i felt. it was definitely more than one thing. imagine wanting something more than anything and then finally getting it. kind of. i'm sure i'll grow better at handling this. thanks as always:)


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