Please help my son is so sad!

  • I just need to ask some questions because our family just had a devestating day. My son & his fiancee were going to have a baby. He & his fiancee broke up & she misscarried? I think she was not being honest with him. Can someone tell me how I can help my son he's just so sad. Thank you so much. Love & blessings~D

  • Im so sorry Dmick you are already helping him in the best way by being there for him during this difficult time , My thoughts and prayers are with you both .

    Lots of love , light and hugs Loap:)

  • This post is deleted!

  • Your Welcome Dmick,

    I hope that your son is ok , i know how hurt you must all feel about this situation i hope that they can sort it out between them its so sad and devastating about the misscarriage i can only imagine how painful that must be for both of them .

    My heart and thoughts are with you

    Take care lots of love and light Loap:).

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