Help! with my beloved pisces

  • Wow were can I start..........I am a Gemini man with a Female Pisces. I have been with my Pisces for three years now. I have always had a strong feeling about us and feel we should be together She is a strong believer of Tarot readings and Astrology. At the beginning she has reservation about our relationship, but after having our charts read she found out that we are the closest to being perfect Soul-Mates. After the reading I could understand why I have strong feelings for her. I try to make her feel loved and wanted and that I will be there for her through good and bad times. I try to make her feel loved, but being a guy I seem to do or say the wrong things. Seems I am retarded when it comes to our relationship. A few problems that we have are irritating behaviors, and her feelings of taking on more than she can handle. She feels she needs to take care of her family members above and beyond her own person needs and Happiness. She carries a lot of her families burdens on her shoulders. She has spread herself out way to thin. She tells me it is an ogligation, but her family does take advantage of her. I try to understand but her lack of communication does not help. We are both spontaneous to having fun, but times she will make decisions without consideration to the outcomes. She also feels that she needs to keep them a secrete until she is ready to act upon her decisions. I do understand that Pisces are emotional and sometimes let it rules there judgements. But what can I do to have her open up and talk to me about her intentions, and what can I do to help carry the burdens she carries on her shoulders. I have tried to tell her that I am here to help. Help.....

  • She's being a typical Pisces. We have very big hearts and care deeply for others, to the point where it is detrimental to us as individuals.

    But are you really sure there is a problem here? I get the sense you are reading too much into this. Cut yourself some slack - you are in no way "retarded". If she's not responding to words, try actions instead.

    You don't need to think big here either. Any little thing will help. Do the two of you live together? If so, think of ways you can help her with her daily tasks or chores. Take the weight off her shoulders to give her more time/energy to devote to her family obligations.

    Ultimately however, just be there for her. She'll come back round to the two of you in her own time.

  • Thank for the advice. We were living together, but a tragic event has complicated matters. I have been more supportive and continue to be there for her. Thank goodness I have learned patients. I am a believer of magical and mystical events, and I have consulted the cards, which if I am interpreting them correctly read for a positive outcome. With her not in my immediate presents its been difficult for the both of us. I have sent supportive messages, texts, and verbal re-enforcements, along with other types of support to show that I am there for her, and plan to stand with her thru the thick of it all. . I guess I will continue with what I am doing. again thanks for the advice , any other advice or suggestions will be welcomed... I don't want to lose my soul mate...

  • What is yours cannot be taken away from you. You really don't need to worry so much.

    Are there other spaces in your life? I'm getting a feeling of empty spaces. Maybe you just need to find a way to fill your time, but you may also want to look at other areas of your life - home, career, family, social life (friends). Don't let this situation "bleed" into these other areas of your life because the return of your Pisces girl won't automatically fix them. Consequently, problems in those other areas may then "bleed" back into your romantic life.

  • other spaces in my life? Yes I have had the misfortune of losing immediate family at a young age of 36, and it has been a long journey for me. Have to admit my Pisces is/and has become my family (Her family has become mine also)

    I am 46 now. I have a few very close friends in my life, always keeping my eyes open for new friends,

    I am content with my work, I am a part time math teacher. It is very self fulfilling to help other better themselves.

    At home it is a different matter, It feels empty without my Pisces, like an empty shell...If it was not for the two dogs( 9 month old bulldog and 1 year old lab, and 2 year old chow) I probable would spend less time there. As it is I have put myself into many project to occupy my time fixing, repairing and stating projects she wanted done.

    I have read some other posting and found out you like animals..Cool

    Her Favorite animal is the Giraffe

    My Favorite animal is the Sea Turtle.

    Go figure........Under the Mayan culture we are both Deer

    Thanks again I will think about the bleeding affect to see if it is affect other parts of my life and try to keep it doing so.

  • Cool 🙂

    Giraffe teaches us far-sightedness. The ability to see beyond and to clearly express ourselves through communication and body language. Giraffe also has a strong sense of family ties.

    Turtle teaches us endurance and patience. She is good at navigating the physical and spiritual planes (Earth and Water). Turtle also teaches us how to protect ourselves and is closely linked to Mother Earth.

    Deer... well that goes to explain your gentle, loving natures 🙂

  • That is interesting about the Giraffe and sea turtle. Thru the Mayan zodiac we were amazed that we were both Deer. very interesting.....A long time ago I had seen a medicine woman (traditional native american) and in their culture my animal spirit is the Bear.....

    I also learned that when you have an animal tattooed on your body that when you pass away that that animal will led you to your next journey......

    Interesting connection between the many different cultures

    Thanks again I will continue to support and reassure my Pisces that I stand with her. by the way thanks for posting the "i am" , It was a very good quote and I text it to her last night...


  • By the way is it a coincidence that we have a favorite animal of our choice or is it just random or is it already decided what our favorite animal will be?

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