• May I ask you a question about a man I have been missing for nearly a year now. I am curious about this person 6/30/76. I am 9/21/65.

    Thank you!

  • He is not with you now. Its been one year. Astrology does not tell you a persons maturity, emotional, mental and physical capability to sustain a relationship and those are the biggest factors! Astrology also changed its sun signs..this year and each person has a rising, sun, acedent, and decent sign along with numerology that all contradict eachother. If you are so courious then hang out and get to know him step by step. If you cannot attain the ability you need not worry and move on. It takes years to know with live in person experience with an individual to make an assumption about the longevity.

    here is your example:

    he is a number 4 but has three other numbers also that effect his persona. He is "Cancer"

    Now number 4's like to follow orders and conventional arrangemnts with great honor and dedication while cancers do not like to be bossed around. Contradiction. There is alot see....................we have not even assessed the rising acedent and so learn about a person by having a centered self and then slowly with awareness develop awarenes about another being in worthy time.

  • Just because there is contradiction doesn't make a system wrong rapunzle. Humans are contradictory by our very natures. Why wouldn't a system designed to examine human behaviour, characteristics and personality traits reflect that same contradiction?

    Psychology is vastly contradictory. Does that mean psychology is wrong? If you came in here and quoted Carl Jung and I countered with Freud's theories, who would be wrong?

    Neither of us.

    Stop dealing in absolutes. The world is not black and white, it's shades of grey - a mixture of black and white. A balance. Everything in Nature, in the Universe is about balance.

    Let's take your numerology and astrology argument above. We'll call numerology black and astrology white. You say it's contradictory, that a person can't be both black (numerology 4) and white (Cancer sun sign). The actual result is that he is grey. In some situations he'll follow orders and in other situations he won't want to be bossed around.

    Is that contradictory? Yes it is. But not one system - astrology, numerology, psychology - claims to be otherwise.

    Love & light to you rapunzle,


  • Thank you Marc!

  • PisceanHealer, from what you write, all things are possible. 🙂

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