• What does it mean if someone has Sun, Mercury, Jupiter in Aquarius? Thank you, Born2Love

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  • It depends on what your ascendant is &which house is aquarius in...if you kno your ascendant then an insight could be provided.

  • mystikleo,

    Ascendant is in Taurus. Aquarius is in 11th house it looks like. Thank you, Born2Love

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    Born2love! aquarius is the 10th house-house of career &profession

    Sun is the hidden personality the real you have aquarian qualities-making friends easily,belonging 2 groups,u have a humanitarian approach to life yet you remain somehow detached from the friends you create...the thought processes are very original..u think differently..Sun also represents the father..he might hav been employed in computing or electronics(i dnt have ur chart or the position of saturn,venus or moon to giv a complete analysis).An ambitious personality,good career,in adminstrative post possibly employed in gov organization

    Mercury in aquarius understand life through abstract thought, futuristic thinking, and ideal concepts. This person can grasp ideas quickly, and is interested in anything new, different and progressive. Mental objectivity and detachment of mind can inadvertently alienate others. Still, ideas burst through like light, and this is the position of the astrologer,electrician ,scientist.Mercury being the 5th lord-love relationships start at work.

    Jupiter placement here is controversial-It will bring obstruction &frustration,delay &setback in career &love but overall the a good career is in the future.However the placement of ascendant lord or venus & saturn will confirm this.

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