Can someone please help me?

  • I know this must be silly asking for help with a reading I have already been able to read, but I have the Titania's Fortune Cards, and im able to read them reasonably well. Ive done many readings for friends family etc, im more than capable of depicting the cards from the surrounding cards, but today I had the worst reading possible.

    I did the 9 card spread;

    The Cross - The Heart - The Bear

    The Clover - The Coffin - The Mountain

    The Dog - The Garden - The Scythe

    The Cross & The Coffin & The Scythe. This is worrying me, I cant see an indication around it for who it might be for. Is it me? The cards together mean, an illness that would lead to death.

    I hope someone is familiar with these cards, it would mean so much to me if someone could help ease my mind (even if it is about me, I would rather know, than to worry about people close to me)

  • Hello. I have these cards, remember when you do the 9 card spread, the readings are not just across but downwards and diagonally too. the scythe means cutting free of someone or something, and the mountain can mean a difficult task, the bear is always something big and important, so could mean things are easing up.

    the diagonal of cross coffin and scythe suggest fate (the cross) and the coffin also has a meaning of having to wait an awful long time for something. I know that next to the sythe card it suggests death, but it just 'suggests' death, that's all.

    now, you know your situation, could it be there is someone you need to break away from or a situation that you have been putting off? The cross card suggests this is destined to happen, and that breakaway or thing you cant put off cant wait forever.

    You have very positive cards in your spread, The coffin is inbetween very positive cards in the central column, a death would not make any sense in such an otherwise, promising and happy reading. 🙂

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