Scorpios are arrogant ?

  • I once had a relationship with a Scorpio Woman. She was nice at first. But she had her

    ways. She was cunning, manipulative, picky, prideful, and charming like you would

    not believe. She was not always truthful either because she was always competing

    with me. I am a Sag. So we bumped heads. But why are Scorpios so arrogant ?

    They never like to be wrong about anything. LOL

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  • Hi zaros

    Ive been in a relationship with a scorp for nearly 20 years and i still cant figure him out it can be very frustrating at times and yes sometimes he does come across as arrogant im a taurus ive heard that we but heads as well and you are so right i totally agree that they think they are never wrong about anything . I find that they love to play mind games as well and the sad thing is i really think that they dont realise that they are doing this ive learnt not to take it personal but there are still times when i cant help it and i get very hurt by these behaviours and the secrecy surrounding them they dont talk much and i find for a water sign they dont show many emtions either . I would love to know my hubbys moon sign maybe that might shed some light for me to gain a greater understanding of why he acts the way he does sometimes .

    Many Blessings Love and light Loap:)

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