Year Number "8" ?

  • What does this mean when your year number is an 8.

  • Personal year number 8. What does this mean in numerology terms.

  • Zaros,

    The number 8 represents the financial side of life.

    It represents dealings in business, property, taxes, financial dealings, lawsuits, entrepreneurship, etc.

    One who is in a cycle of 8 will have more of a drive to obtain material possessions, money, and recognition.

    In certain instances it can deal with pregnancy/marriage.

    Whatever happens in an 8 cycle will usually cost a lot of money.

    Although one tends to make more money, expenses go up as well.

    So best to watch your wallet at all times.

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  • Hello Markie,

    With that said, what would a personal year 5 mean/denote?

    Light & Love,


  • TT,

    In a 5 cycle the key words are freedom, fun, and adventure.

    Depending on the choices that one makes the 5 cycle can be quite fruitful or destructive.

    A 5 cycle can bring opportunity, popularity, love, and promotion.

    The 5 cycle affords one the opportunity to "shine" in whatever form or fashion.

    It gives way to new experiences that one has never experienced.

    Most of all it gives way to change.

    Remember, not all of us "adapt" well to change and new circumstances.

    Therefore "adaptability" is crucial.

    Overall if used correctly, it can be one of the most exciting times in one's life.

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  • Hi Markie,

    DOB 7/7/1970

    Im a 4 and a I think cycle 8 anything you can tell me, would be appreciated?

    Thank you

  • MsSunshine,

    Generally as a 4 lifepath one must be practical in all dealings.

    The number 4 likes security, stability, and sound footing.

    Most of the time 4's are not exactly inclined to change....change makes 4's feel uncomfortable, as they are built more for calmer tides.

    The 8 cycle is just like how I posted above, it deals with the financial matters of life, and can deal with marriage/pregnancy.

    The thing here is that because you are a 4 and in a personal yearly cycle of 8 these two numbers have a unique relationship.

    This time frame you will attract people and situations which are both fate and karmic.

    I would say take great care in all your dealings.

    From 33-42 you will be in a long range cycle where you will be learning with the issues of love, relationships, and responsibility.

    Usually people get married, have kids, etc. That is IF they meet the right person, and it is true love.

    Either way Love and relationships are the big theme for these 9 years.

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  • Most seems like I'm in for a "Transformational" time, lol! Most encouraging!

    Thank you Markie!!!

  • Thanks Markie,

    Ive been experiencing everything you've mentioned & fate & karma are prevalent in my mind right now, espescially regarding my relationship of 9 months. My partner is an 8 not sure his cycle though DOB 31/8/1976.

    Thanks you're very kind to all here, nice energy!



  • TT,

    You Are Welcome!

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  • Z,

    From 29-38 your partner is in a long range cycle of learning how to be "selfless", helping others, and finding a higher connection within "self".

    There is also an "insecurity" present within him. The insecurity can manifest itself in many forms.

    They can be tyrannical, too prideful, too domineering, and selfish. Saying and doing things that will benefit only them.

    Conversely, they can be timid, nervous, self conscious, etc..

    He is in a personal yearly cycle of 7, which indicates a sense of being withdrawn, aloofness, and loneliness.

    There maybe feeling of misunderstanding, and a lack of ability to communicate one's feelings.

    2012 will be a pivotal year for him as there will be a test of character and good judgement.

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  • WOW! Yes, yes, yes, yes to all points, we are having problems at the moment (hes MIA), we both have insecurities & issues with trust but the worst is that all though I sometimes struggle, he just cant communicate his feelings to me at all. I really love him & miss him, hopefully when I hear from him again he'll be happy.

    2012 sound very interesting & I hope it all works out for him.

    Thanks again & have a wonderful weekend.


  • Z,

    No problem.

    Should be noted that you both have the same challenge. So makes sense that you would be drawn together, and have similar issues to work out.

    Remember though when two people have the same challenge it is difficult to grow. They don't motivate one another, and have difficulty seeing the situation for what is really is.

    From July 2011-July 2012 you will have to make some tough choices. It will be for the betterment of yourself, and soul.

    Wild transformations coming your way, be open, and be ready to receive.

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  • Oh much Help would be appreciated!

    My Path Number is 5 and I am not sure what Cycle I am in now but it is SPINNING ..... and fast ~ leaving my family to believe I am going off the deep end! My birthday is January 16th, 1959 ~ can some one please help with any "Insights" for me?

    Thank You!!


  • Markie,

    Going through the same issues in the beginning was comforting, but recently it has become very frustrating to me, more so because of the lack of communication. Regardless I wish him well he's a good person & I do Feel like i am on the precipse of something big & life changing actually, something is stirring within!

    Big smiles Z 🙂

  • MysticalEnergy,

    Since 2009 and until the end of your life you will be in a long range cycle of 7.

    However, the influence starts to wane, and settle when you are around 58-59 years of age.

    The 7 is spiritual and quite humbling.

    It is a time where we have to go within and search for the answers, and get more in touch with "self".

    You are awakening to a new way of living, a new way of thinking with new ideals.

    This is a good time of introspection, though some bad can also happen.

    Those in a cycle of 7 can be prone to mood swings, delusion, and isolation.

    One can become moody, withdrawn, and have a distorted sense of reality.

    There can be common misunderstanding and lack of communication.

    One thing is that your cycle of 7 is overlapping your day of birth 16. You can read more about the number 16/7 here in my post on tarot:

    I hope this helps, and I wish you happiness!

    Create A Great Day!


  • Markie808,

    Thank You for your response ~ I am struck yet humbled and I hope you underand that I need time to integrate all THIS as I view my life and all its goods ~ yet have no clue of who I was before as I am totally entering a new realm. So "Let go and let God"! OMG What an obstacle for a Cappy/Scorpio Rising/Aries Moon to encounter ~ never the less an anal retentive German Female!

    Talk about a Challange within the Universe!!

    Holy Moly! Holy Moly!

    Thank You for your Insights!

    In much Appreciation!!


  • ME,

    No problem.

    We all go through changes and transformations, it always is essential for our growth and development.

    It doesn't matter how slow you go, just as long as you don't stop.

    Create A Great Day!


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