Captain please advise on these men ....

  • Hi Captain

    Much blessings to you....

    I would really appreciate your valuable insight on the following men who seem to keep recurring in my life and now appear to be serious even when i feel things are more than over....

    They have me greatly confused because they all seem to be sincere about their "love" but I am not sure about a future with any of them, mainly because I don't know how genuine they are. They are all good male friends and I was involved with them on a romantic level ..... 😞

    Are any of them the best bet ???

    Gregory 12 June 1961

    Phillip 26 April, 1969

    Ronald 19 sept. 1972




  • who is captain? im new here

  • Elena

    You and Gregory: this is best for friendship. A balance will be needed here so that your fiery passions do not burn down existing structures that have taken years to build or hurt those around you. Agreements, verbal or unspoken, must be made to act in a way that promotes harmony and minimises upset for all concerned. Marriage or living together is the most challenging of all types of relationship here - first, you would have to limit the frequency of your sexual contact so as to forestall a neurotic effect on other areas of life, and to avoid burnout. Second, you would have to be strictly honest with each other about your activities with other people, and about the time you spend away from home. Third and most important, you must establish an umbrella of mutual trust and respect that will reconcile your own critical tendencies with Greogory's vagueness and lack of commitment. A friendship will work well here as long as extremes of feeling are avoided.

    You and Phillip: this is also best as a friendship. As a unit, the two of you are powerfully persuasive in getting your way but within the relationship itself, manipulative attitudes may prove disturbing and disempowering, especially over the long haul. Both of you like things to be done in a certain way, but not necessarily the same way. So the stage is set for arguments as each person tries to persuade the other, usually through logic and reason, that their way of handling things is best. A marriage or friendship here is likely to be plagued by such contrasting methodologies, which can sometimes lend spice and humour but will ultimately get old and tiresome. A love affair here will be colourful but unrealistic. There is a connection in matters of love and aesthetics, but also instability. Ardor, foolishness, smugness, feigned emotion, posing, half-truths and manipulation all vie for the ascendancy here and this chaotic whirl of emotion is not conducive to the relationship's long life or health.

    You and Ronald: this relationship is more like a parent-child relationship than that of two equals. It is not especially good for marriage. It can be a highly enjoyable relationship however in which an unassuming attitude and natural behaviour figure prominently. It also fosters trust and understanding, allowing the two of you to lower your guards significantly. Playfulness is often present here - especially appreciated by you Elena, who can be intense and find it hard to relax. Thus the relationship will have a childlike aspect, an aura of innocence that is likely to melt the more hardened hearts that you two encounter on life's path - including your own hearts. The biggest problem here is your shared naivete, which may leave you two vulnerable to victimization. A love affair here is often preoccupied with the pursuit of fun, in private and in public. Carefree and social to the extreme, you two are often ill prepared for serious problems when they occur. Barring catastrophes however, you may proceed undeterred. But the lack of insight on Ronald's part will impair a marriage, combined as it would be with your tendency to worry, and it could create quite a perilous situation.

    Frankly there are problems with all these men friends of yours. Perhaps you should not consider any of them as a final resolution?

  • Hmmm thanks alot Captain you seem to hit the nail on the head regarding all three.... none of them appear to be really long term material especially Phillip and Gregory ...they both appear to be very good friends but always seem to hint of a future without providing some back up...Ronald is the only one who appears serious but I dont think he is long term material as well so really you are right none of them seem to be quite right. I just probably dont think I can find what I am looking for

  • andre 8th July 1964

    this is my last question Captain ...for now.... is he the best bet? he is my son's father.

  • You and Andre - as long as the two of you respect each other's space and refrain from judging each other, your relationship can reach new heights of ethereal, ecstatic or spiritual experience. Marriage is especially good here, provided both of you can work through your issues. Sensitivity and acceptance are enhanced here, and you both could find yourselves fully appreciated. But you Caribchic tend to appreciate this matchup only for what you can gain from it. You aren't always fully aware of what you have here, and may fail to realise that critical, demanding and condemning attitudes can easily rend this vulnerable relationship's delicate fabric. Love, marriage and friendship can all represent evolutionary stages in the development of this relationship, or at the highest level of it, may even be combined in one. High ideals and challenging ideologies appeal to the two of you, and you will often engage in self-actualizing experiences either together or separately. New age techniques, workshops and reading may be of special interest here. The ideas gleaned from such activities can be put into practice in the kitchen, work areas and sleeping quarters of your home. However, care must be taken that new ideas do not become rigid dogma, inhibiting the healthful impulses they are meant to foster. The two of you are likely to be over-sensitive to each other, certainly empathic or even telepathic. You will repeatedly have to withdraw any ego boundaries between you to distinguish your individual needs and wants. Closeness in a relationship is certainly a plus but here you may risk losing your own personalities in the process, not knowing where one person ends and the other begins. Strive for objectivity and limit criticism and judgments if you really want this to work out.

  • Wow truly amazing!!!.... actually that is why we are no longer together... we were too critical and demanding of each other and didnt fully appreciate each other at the time..... hmmm he seemed to have been the best match after all 😞

  • Blessings to you Captain

    Can you tell me about my relationship potential please

    Russ 03/11/1970.

    Thank you,


  • Me (Kim) 6/9/1976

  • Gem0609, I answered you on your personal thread.

  • Captain

    seeing that I am not making much relationship headway can you tell me what you vibes on me generally and what i need to correct or look out for, any kind of negativity... can you give me a reading generally on love or my life in general.

    thank you


  • Elena, you need to release the need to control everything, and to overcome a general negativity by developing a more positive outlook. You want to be right and everything to be perfect all the time and you want everyone else to be in alignment with what you think is right. But you must turn away from rigid physical and material planning and refocus on the larger spiritual vision. Your compulsive need for order can lead you into an unending search for perfection. But people and situations are never in a static state of perfect order long enough for you to feel safe and secure - your expectations only lead to continual tension and anxiety. Because life and other people are never ideal enough for you to let go of control, you continually postpone trust and joy.

    You must learn how to transcend limitations, even if it means going beyond what ordinary ideas of life may deem impossible. Often the limits you must transcend exist only in your own mind. As a hard-headed and practical realist, you must learn to overcome your attachment to the tangible and develop a belief in miracles and the intangible. If you don't believe in something more than the material, how can you ever go beyond material limitations? Prayer, intention, affirmations, and visualization are all methods that you can use to help you achieve your goals. Through trusting and surrendering to the wisdom of a Higher Power, you can watch life's circumstances with the conviction that what is unfolding is indeed part of a greater Divine plan, as are you. Then, when you relax control, your way becomes clear and you will be filled with calm. When you have a mission, it won't work. But when you allow yourself to be propelled by a force, moved by a wave that takes you forward, even though you don't know where it's going, that's faith, that's creativity.

    Your tight hold on control can make it hard for other people to get close to you, since you're so busy worrying over contracting some exotic fever, being backstabbed or assaulted or, worse, becoming an unneeded has-been. As open and friendly as you like to appear, you've got your share of phobias. You are often difficult to analyse or work out. Part of you is right there, upfront, a hard-working simple person of the people. But you're also a slippery fish, working your deals, manipulating, and trying to carve out a secure place for the day when you're old and sick. Finding a middle ground between ill health and denial, or faith and cynicism will be a big achievement. Issues with being committed/running away to the point where you harm your own emotional or even physical health, plus a fear of being attacked, failing, or falling ill just when things are going well, must also be examined and dealt with.

    You have the potential to achieve great success and accomplishment in this lifetime, providing your own mercilessly high standards for achievement do not become the prison of your spirit. An ability to back up and see the big picture will be something you will have to develop from scratch, and you will also have to learn to give up some of your pet obsessions in the interest of increasing your awareness. Too, you may rise above a given set of limitations or restrictions only to develop an odd sort of flightiness, unable to ground yourself in one project or plan, yet equally unable to place yourself in the larger scheme or structure. You need to become more inclined to initiate things rather than try to fix them once they've begun. Repress your feelings less and open more to your spiritual side. If you can master your resistance to risk-taking and learn the fine art of embracing the unknown, you will be considerably freed from the stress of attending to the world of detail and will be able to open yourself up to the world of spiritual expansion that beckons to you.

  • Thank you so much Captain for the wonderful advice.... I will try to adopt a more positive and grateful attitude and try to embrace the unknown ..... I really need to let go and Let more things in....

    Thank you

    thank you

    Thank you....


    Elena 🙂

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