Are 'Sagittarians' the greatest zodiac sign of them all ?

  • I heard this from 2 different people once. I was told that we are also the most prophetic of

    all Zodiac signs. We are energetic, philosophical, and highly unique. We are different

    because we are the most lucky ones. So that gives us the advantage. Sagittarians are

    the best of them all. What do you think.

  • Whatever you say mate lol

  • Well Im a Sagitarrius Rising, Taurus Sun and I can say it definetly adds an extra boost to my feisty, energetic and intense personality. I dont know if we're the best but we are definetly extra special lol!

  • Asia. I agree. We are so lucky sometimes. Jupiter rules our moon. How about that.

  • Awesome!!!! Im very lucky in some ways and in other way but hey I do have to say Im very in love with my personality and attributes though. To add to all of this I have a Moon in Cancer Mercury and Mars in Aries and Pluto in Scorpio too add fuel to the fire lol

  • I bet you have nice outer appeal. You have charm, and you are gregarious. Not to mention

    magnetism. We can attract a crowd at the drop of a dime. And we are natural born leaders.

    Do you like philosophy ? I bet you do.

  • Sagittarians are the greatest of them all.

  • Yes I do! I draw many ppl to me it really helps me at my job (sales/retail), Im very direct and can be rather charming yet easily tempered or upset . Some ppl dont get my charm and call me eccentric or too outgoing but whatever Im the one who has the appeal lol just kidding no shame in my game though.(IVe been working on this lol) I love philosophy but Im also intrigued by the arts, music and psychology too

  • Well I see the ego part is there. lol

    I'm gonna have to agree with seehorse.. lol

  • LoveDetox. It is true. Even the great Nostradamus was a Sag. Not to mention Walt Disney.

    Hows that for company.

  • I agree...the egocentric nature is there. I don't understand the point of bragging. it doesn't matter what you have or not, if you don't do anything with your talents or gifts, it doesn't matter. We could all get more done if we spent less time bragging to others, and more time helping others.

  • My mom, my 2 closest friends are sags, I seem to have a lot of them around me for some reason , I have noticed a few traits amoung them they have in common but as far as being the best sign, would depend on if the question is does it benefit other signs for one to be a sag, or just to be sag yourself. I've seen them happy to be who they are, so thats a plus, every sign would have naturally different traits, different talents, to contribute to the world, something to support the others and learn from one another as well, as far luck goes I've seen my sags very lucky at times, and very unlucky , needing lots of support at times too, I've seen them be good friends, and seen them be totally self absorbed, I've seen them make smart choices, and not so smart choices , so too me I think they are a great sign, but from personal experiance I haven't seen anything that would suggest sags are more blessed then other signs, good that your happy being one though, nothing wrong with that:)

  • Well I can say for one that I mean to brag I just joined in on discussion . I just laugh at it because I think it is all fun and games. In all honesty I think all signs are special in thier own way but in this forum Im just explaining how I love my Sagittarius Rising sign. I hope no one got offended 🙂

  • And thats awesome bluecat123! I have a grandmother (whom I love dearly) in the Scorpio-Sag cusps and we are very alike lol but hey I see what you are saying every sign has its positives and negatives.

  • Every sign has something they bring to the plate, its just a matter of appreciating the uniqueness of the different ones, with all the cusps, rising, moon, I think everyone is by far more their own person.

  • well said bluecat we are no better or no less than any other sign we are who we are no more no less

  • Personally i think it's not right to put a "label" on anyone, any label at all. I believe what really determine us are the choices we make, regardless of Astrology, Numerology, younameitology. Bragging about being a particular sign means the individual lacks other real virtues and hides behind a dob number, or life path number,or license plate number whatever. I believe a person's only real value is the amount of happiness and love this person can give to others. Fame, money, belongings, achievements, superpowers, we leave all of them behind when we depart from this world. All we take with us are our good and bad deeds. To the eyes of God/Universe/Great Spirit that's what really matters i believe.

  • I agree again with Seehorse, aslo I will not comment on what I know of Saggitarians personally because a majority of it is negative. However just because someone famous is a certain birth sign means absolutely nothing. There are many famous people who have done a great many things under every birth sign ever created. Do not be too proud. Just sayin'

  • Yes, yes thank you very much of course i'm right, i'm always right because THE GREATEST AND WISEST AND AWESOMEST SIGN OF THEM ALL IS PISCES hahahaaaaaaahahah

  • Ha ha, I am Aries and Pisces.. I was born on the cusp.

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