Am I pregnant?

  • Guys, it's way too early to take a test and it is KILLING me, I have pulled too many cards and I am so confused. Would any of you pull a card or two for me? I promise I won't hold it against you if you're wrong, I wasn't trying for a baby, but sometimes a woman just doesn't feel like herself and needs to know, you know.... 🙂 thank you to anyone that helps!!

  • The clearblue has a test that picks up a pg from really early on and tells you how far you are. Otherwise get on babycentre dot com or dot co dot uk and find out if the dates make it possible otherwise read the symptoms and otherwise: WAIT. If it is so then you have a long wait anyway so no harm in getting some training in.

    Good luck!

  • I got a few days before I can even test with the early ones!

  • Meg, I know how it is to be impatient to find out! I did a similar reading for my sister a couple of months ago, and the cards basically laughed and said "underlying conditions are favorable for that development but patience, patience—no knowledge comes before its time". It turned out she wasn't.

    When I pulled a card for you, oddly, the message was not dissimilar, although it was a different card. I got the 7 of Pentacles: One key word of this card is Frustration. You are waiting with impatience for your potential "fruit". It is not necessary to continually measure your project's growth—all things reach fruition in their own time, and even if the crop does not bear fruit this time, a later season may see different results. My sense is that although you weren't looking to become pregnant, when something made you think you might be you started hoping you are… it's likely wishful thinking this time, but if you decide you want to be, perseverance will get you the result you desire. Let us know! blessings and light, gd

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