Heart Broken and confuseddd!!!! Why me ???Im so sad and depressed:(:(

  • Heartbroken by the cancer man I think we are finally done I bust his window out his house I know sounds crazy but i wanted him to see how much he has hurt me I never loved a man before and he is the first one to break my heart im crushed and the bad part about it is I still love him TEARS!!Why did he do me this way what does she have that I dont did he do this intentionally I think he did is he a sociopath how can he not see and feel the love I have for him he is so cold towards me even before i bust his window out but yet he called me the other day just to say he loved me now poof the love is gone he has broke me down made me feel feelings i thought i couldnt now hes gone in the wind and he stepped on my heart before he left what shalll i do I dont think I will ever love again!!! I even cryed on his answering machine and he didnt even acknolledge it wtf poor me!! Helppp why did he do me this way now im scarred 😞

  • HotVirgoRising,

    Truly sorry to hear about your Breakup..

    May I ask...Exactly why do you think he began turning cold towards you

    to begin with ?

    Firstly, I just have to state the Obvious hun, It dosen't sound like a Healthy relationship..

    bad results are signs that things should be put to an End because even if your heart

    is mended with this Man it still has the chance of being broken again. Secondly..it seems

    as if you've subsciously let him gain Control of your feelings, your feelings are being Controlled

    by this man which is causing your moods to levitate depending on the status with him,

    for ex: if he dosen't call you back : your MAD , if he says he loves you: your Happy and everythings Ok. which is another sign of an Unhealthy Relationship . most times in relationships like these that we all at some point or another find ourselves in, the Best thing to do is" Let Go " because we loose control of the situation , and you dont want to loose yourself

    or allow yourself to hurt due to the situation . Time Heals ALL..give yourself some Time. I wish you the best of luck and if you need me imhear to listen , to vent to and definetely give more advice hun .

  • Hotvirgorising, are you ok?

    You need to be calm and collected, don't go to such extremes. Nothing is fixed by aggression.

    Let us know what has happened.

    breathe and pray on it

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