A little guidance SHUABBY.

  • Shuabby,

    I see your wise guidance and detailed responses you give around the site.

    very impressed . I would really appreciate any guidance you can give, what I can expect or anything you can pick up.

    to start off, Ive been thinking about making a move , out of state.. just me, myself and I

    to start over make new friends, take my career to the next level, and ultimately get away

    after thinking it over "a little too risky", I second guessed it, it could be very risky.. so I thought "hollywood" starting there its alot of opportunities more resources but worried there can be distractions at the same time worried of failing there..many people go to hollywood

    and dosen't Make It especially Entreprenuers which is the next career step I want to take,..however thats just the least, hollywood is also expensive living lol "Very expensive" so i plan on saving up for which ever move I do make but also going through some Financial changes

    Do you see me finding a good paying job this summer to save up enough funds ?

    In advance I really appreciate any insight. Thanks.

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  • Hello addictdtoriches,

    Hollywood does becken to you and can be in your life path. I can see that you are level headed and know that you have to take small steps sometimes to advance to where you want to be, in which this is what you will do.

    Yes you will find a job this summer but not on your own dear, you will have to have some help trough an agency that starts with or has a Z in the name of it. There is a Jack here and Richerd that will help you along your way with your dreams. I know you long for greatness and you have it within you. It is just that for some it takes time to get to the top and that is what I feel for you.

    Please keep in touch and let us know how this journey unfolds.

    Best Wishes


  • Shuabby ,

    thank you so much:) Best wishes on your Path as well Hun .

    Im working with the agency now waiting for the Process to go through..

    hopefully everything works out in my Favor. 🙂 Im really looking forward to meeting

    Jack and Richard.

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