Will i re-unite with my family?

  • Hi,

    My details 01 april 1982 .My husband had a difference of opinion with my family members.so they stopped talking to me.will my family talk to me again?will i re-unite with them?please someone help.thank you

  • HI,

    I am going to descrip you, in hopes that I am right, then the below will be right too. Okay?

    You are short to med in height. A bit of extra on you that is spread evenly over, though you have small tiny hands with lots of rings, gold and stones. One that is white gold that you wear all the time, perhaps wedding ring. But you have more silver or white gold rings too. You like wearing necklaces. your hair is swept up a bit into a clip at the back of your head. You are excellant at observing people and knowing their true intentions. At the same time you are distance when you are watching, you are warm when you are talking, you love to laugh and touch people gently when you talk.

    Will your family talk again, to you .... YES, 100% yes. Give them 3 to 6months. for being able to see them in person and start talking again. Over the phone is a no no until you see them in person. Seeing them in person is magnetic for both parties. tears and hugs. You and your family are incredible close.... I see sister and Dad and mom... not as much to the bigger brother. It will all be okay. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help you further. No more cyring... it WILL be okay. They love you and you love them...

    God Bless

    Theresa from Norway

  • Thank you so much TNilsen.I am writing to let you know that i spoke to my family and everything got sorted between us.You are kind words put me in peace.Sorry for the late feedback..You are awesome.

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