Help !!! Mad old woman in lust dilemma.

  • Me: 26/sep/62

    Him: 14/jan/68

    We've worked together since Jan 11 although he worked out of the office every day until now, and 2 weeks ago he added me as his facebook friend. The first night we were on until 3am, 2nd night till 6am and have been instant messaging most evenings since then. It was all innuendo and fun to start with but he's now working in the same office on a daily basis and I am demented with lust. I have never felt such instant attraction. I am pretty sure it's all one sided from me, although he is always the one to start the conversations and had told me he wants into my pants! He's a self confessed womaniser and this is where I get extremely confused ..... I am a very large woman so just what on earth is he doing flirting with me? I'm technically his boss so I know I can't take this further no matter how I feel but why is he doing this? My head says he just needs to feel that every woman falls for him, or that he's playing with me (he says he's not), but part of me wonders if he actually does like me .... he doesn't flirt with the other girl in the office and she says he's always looking for me coming out of my office. Any advice welcome.

  • HELENEK, What on earth made you decide that it's a one sided attraction, if he told you that he wanted into your pants ? It's not a subtle hint 🙂 . However, you are right, some men do need to feel that every woman falls for them, so my advice would be - procede with caution. Observe him for a while. And by the way, lots of men like large women, don't put yourself down in advance.

  • Thanks VoplySoply, I've never really been on the receiving end of male attention so I try not to kid myself on. Even though he told me he wanted into the pants, he's not said he wanted ME so I will procede with caution, even though when he comes and sits on my desk, with his legs touching mine, I want to jump on him! Roll on work tomorrow!

  • HeleneK,

    I actually enjoyed reading your post , I see your keeping it real.

    well my advice first and the biggest concern is the business aspect

    of the you think it may or could possibly affect anything

    business wise ? since your a boss , you have to put your business

    first..other than him wanting to get into your pants what other things did you guys

    talk about during instant messaging ? guys motives / ulterior motives can be alot more

    complex than womens , its not hard to narrow down our objectives "love, money or revenge" lol [jk] however I think you should definetely keep your guards up still until your sure theres genuine interest . after all the best thing a woman can do is wait , guys love a challenge and it gives you security and more time to know that the ball is in your court and the best next move to make . Good Luck hun !

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